Mid year update

Jim Williams wrote this for all to enjoy.

Well, it’s hard to believe – but we have finally gotten to the mid-year point of what has been a VERY interesting TGA season.

Below is a summary of some items from the first half of the year that I keep track of:

Top 5 Gift Certificate earners through the completion of the 3 Tee Event:

1Charlie Fisher$          175
2Gene Cox$          165
T-3Mark Harper, Sr$          125
Rodie Marovich$          125
T-5Dickie Brewer$           120
Eddie James$           120
Mason Jones$           120
Matt Bostic$           120
Tom Long$           120

Despite the pandemic, cancellations and the new protocols – it is good to know that somethings never change – Charlie!!  But there are some new names on that list, so some of the regulars will need a good 2nd half to crack the Top 5.

To date, there are:

–        17 members that have earned at least $100 in Gift Certificates

–        9 members that have earned their yearly fees back of $120 in Gift Certificates

–        78 members that have cashed in at least one event

–        47 members that have already qualified for the year-end Tournament of Champions!

There are still lots of chances for you to earn Gift Certificates and maybe earn your way in to the Tournament of Champions.

In August (the 15th) we have the 5 Club Memorial and then we have the Club Championships in September and the Hatfield and McCoy’s in October, finishing up with Tough Day, hopefully the rescheduled KISS tournament, and the Tournament of Champions in November.

Jim Williams

2020 Regular Inter-Club Update At Salem Glen

from Mark Nieters, Inter-Club captain, July 21st

The squad traveled to Salem Glen on Saturday afternoon for our 4th match of the season. We inserted a few newcomers in our lineup for this one in order to gain some experience for future matches depending on our opponents’ handicap situations. I’ve found that we are very lucky as a club to have such a strong pool of players that really want to compete, so having multiple rosters ready for each match when we see our opponents’ lineups is really a benefit.

We successfully avoided thunderstorms in the area and had some great matches. In the end Tanglewood won 3 of the matches and tied the 4th. That is extremely hard to do, especially for an away match. The match points total was 47.5 to 32.5. That improves our overall pod record to 4-0 (8 pod points) and 188.5 overall match points. That will definitely put us very high in the state rankings. Here was the scoring summary:

Match 1 – Stephen Dunn / Gregor Howard – So you know, all 4 guys in the first group broke par highlighted with an eagle 2 for Stephen Dunn on hole 11. Gregor must have known it was going in all the way since all he could tell his partner after it dropped was, “Hey, pick my ball up please…”. Salem Glen had a chance to halve the match on the last hole but it slid away, thus we won 11.5 to 8.5.

Match 2 – Stevie Blankenship / Eddie James – We got Stevie off IR just in time to announce his presence with authority! He and Eddie faced a tough match with two scratch players. Thanks to a nicely timed birdie on the last from Stevie, we managed a half and secured a 10 – 10 tie.

Match 3 – Chad Carter / Tom Long – Newcomer Tom threw in a few solid pars when Chad needed them along with a natural birdie at 9 for the team to really take control of the match. They turned at 5 up and wound up winning by a 13.5 to 6.5 margin. It’s those kind of lopsided matches, when they are in your favor, go a very long way.

Match 4 – Charlie Fisher / David Wilson – David didn’t have his best day but it’s a good thing that ol’ Charlie showed up. I saw him make every five footer he stood over on his way to an impressive 74. We were up early but Salem Glen fought back to tie it up with three holes to play. A par-birdie-par finish by our stalwart secured a 12.5 to 7.5 victory. Fingers crossed on the handicap there Charlie…

Next up we host Salem Glen on Sunday, August 16. After that we travel to Bermuda Run for our last match on Saturday, August 29th. The regular season is supposed to wrap up by the end of September so barring any weather difficulties we should be sitting pretty by Labor Day. Congratulate these guys when you see them. At the end of the day you have to out-score your opponents and we continue to show up and play well. I’m extremely proud of our entire organization. If you happen to play Salem Glen in the next couple of weeks due to our greens, make sure and thank them for being such good hosts to our team.

52 weekends, 11 tournaments, 1 round of fun