Changing to the World Handicap System on Jan 6, 2020

The USGA will be switching to the new World Handicap System on January 1, 2020. The software for your smartphone, the kiosk, and website should be ready by January 6.

If you’re using the GHIN app on your phone, you’ll see changes there (like being able to enter your scores hole by hole, keep track of putts, fairways hit, greens in regulation.) The kiosk computer in the clubhouse will be updated, and the website for posting will also be updated.

For now, I recommend reading “Top 10 New World Handicapping Features“, “WHS – The Five Things you need to know.” and this list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Until the new software is ready, keep your score cards and post after the GHIN-2020 software is ready. This is the only time you should not post scores the same day you play!

You should start using the new “Maximum Hole Score for Handicap Purposes”, instead of ESC, on January 1. That number is net double bogey. In other words, par + 2 strokes+ any handicap strokes you get on that hole.

You will get a bimonthly newsletter, and it will have your handicap index as of the date of that newsletter. It will also be enhanced to show some of your scoring statistics, if you choose to keep them.

We will NOT be posting a file with handicap indicices every day!

To help make the transition easier .. start with this one simple habit: Post your score the same day you play. This basic act will help improve the integrity of everyone’s handicap.

The USGA has a wealth of resources where you can learn all you want about the World Handicap System.

If you’d like to be part of the TGA Handicap Committee, please contact me at

2019 Regular Inter-club Final Playoff Update

from Mark Harper Jr., Inter-club Captain

As many of you know, we suffered a tough loss on Saturday. The wind was blowing 20-30mph all day long, cold and blistery conditions. We were getting shots in every match and thought if we could just grind out pars we could get the win.

However, the Pinehurst team had another strategy — they made a bunch of birdies and left us begging for the warmth of the indoors.

Our team fought hard but just came up a little short.

It was a great year for Tanglewood. The guys had a blast this weekend on and off the course, the Carolinas Golf Association/ Long Leaf Golf Club treated us very well.

I wish we could have had a few more guys down to enjoy the weekend but very thankful for the guys we had, who made it very memorable.

I know this wasn’t the result we were looking for but we will be back next year with more knowledge and experience for the situation. Thank you to each and everyone who competed for Tanglewood this year, the guys who stepped up and played made my job a lot easier.

Also thanks for the support of the guys who didn’t get to play in a match this year but were cheering us on. Here is a list of the guys who played this year, and deserve a pat on the back the next time you see them around the club.

Mark Nieters
Jeremy Ray
Mark Absher
Kenny Flynn
Mark Harper Sr
Kenny Davis
Brian Sainz
Stevie Blankenship
Chris Blankenship
Charlie Fisher
Eddie James
BJ Richardson
Jim Williams
Chip Baker
Donnie Holt
David Summers
Dave Larmour
Steve Frucht
Terry Payne
Greg Howard
Lee Ross
Stephen Dunn
Mike Utt
Rodie Marovich

Thanks TGA for the opportunity. Sorry we couldn’t get it done this year. We will be back next year.

52 weekends, 11 tournaments, 1 round of fun