2019 Regular Inter-club Update #2

Our Tanglewood Interclub team continued to play solidly for the year with a resounding 43-29 home victory against Willow Creek last Saturday. We have been good hosts to our guests for all the matches, but this team set a record for fastest trunk-slam, tire-squealing exit from our parking lot! We didn’t mind much as it left more celebratory beverages for us.

Charlie Fisher and Mark Harper Sr. are in a dog fight for season MVP. Both remain undefeated with only two matches left to complete. Charlie paired with BJ Richardson to trounce their opponents 12 to 6. Mark Sr. and Terry Payne won convincingly 10.5 to 7.5. Gregor Howard and Stevie Blankenship made the turn all square in their match. They proceeded to roast their opponents on the back and win the match 11.5 to 6.5. Mark Nieters and Kenny Flynn brought up the rear and could only manage a halve – 9 to 9. Bones is making a strong case for LVP (Least Valuable Player) with a stellar record of 0-1-2!

Our record is now 3 – 1 with all of our home matches completed. Our remaining ones are July 6th at Maple Chase and July 20th at Willow Creek. We are looking to have a few new players on the rosters for these in order to get some experience as we prepare for the playoffs, so keep an eye on your email. We are currently in first place in our grouping and have completed the most matches. This puts us in great shape as other teams are scrambling to reschedule ones that were rained out.

2019 Regular Inter-club Update

From our Regular Inter-club Stud-Captain, Mark Harper Jr.

We have had two home matches the last two weekends.

On the 2nd of June, we were beaten at home vs Bermuda Run.

The first two groups didn’t play their best, but were beaten by stellar play from the opponents.

The last two groups of Eddie James/Mark Harper Sr and Charlie Fisher/Jim Williams managed to bring us back, but we were not able to dig out of the big hole. We lost that match 33.5 to 38.5.

Tough pill to swallow losing at home, however the guys responded well with a gritty win over Maple Chase in a nasty day of weather at Tanglewood.

We were able to overtake Maple Chase on the last hole with a win by Kenny Davis/Eddie James. The Blankenship brothers pulled out a big win 10.5 to 7.5 and Charlie Fisher and Mark Harper Sr continued their undefeated interclub record to a 9.5-8.5 victory.

Mark Nieters and Kenny Flynn both played great but somehow only came out with a halve because of great brother-n-lawing performance by Maple Chase in that match.

Remaining Schedule:

June 15 vs Willow Creek

July 6 at Maple Chase

July 20 at Willow Creek

52 weekends, 11 tournaments, 1 round of fun