2021 Year-End Comments

The Tanglewood Golf Association 2021 season has come to a close, and it’s been another banner year.

First and foremost, let’s give some thanks (possibly in person, when you see these guys next!) to our Officers:

President – Hayes Smith.  The President, arguably has the easiest role but Hayes had to work through some difficult (and unprecedented) situations in his role the first two years of 2nd, and 1st VP due to Covid.  As President, Hayes stepped up and provided great leadership, suggestions, experience and a helping hand whenever called upon. 

Thank you, Hayes!

1st VP – Mark Harper Jr.  Can’t say enough about the job that Mark did this year.  Mark infused new ideas, tournaments, and tournament divisions and thoughts.  Change is always difficult; new ideas are often met with grumbling; and as many of us know, the older we get, the more averse we are to change!

Through it all, Mark remained steadfast in testing the waters and trying out new ideas – and fielded a lot of questions in the process.  As we all know, for those not willing to consider change, you’re probably falling behind.  The TGA is no longer falling behind!

Thank you Mark for helping us view things through a different lens!

2nd VP – Steve Livingston.  Can all agree – we “STAYED HYDRATED” this year??

Steve did a fantastic job with the summer league, with the dinners, and with all the drinks this year.

Again, like the two above him, Steve was forced to deal with some Covid related challenges, new personnel (Kitty retired and Kent stepped in nicely), and don’t forget, Providence came in to run the food and beverage portion of Tanglewood with new rules and policies.

Steve had to learn, re-learn, negotiate, maybe bend a few rules here and there, but through it all, he kept a smile on his face, and a drink in our hands.

Thanks, Steve, for managing the changes and keeping us ALL HYDRATED!

A small list of noteworthy items for the TGA as a whole:

The Regular Inter-club made the playoffs again after an 0-2 start.  Thanks Captain Mark “Bones” Nieters!

The Senior Inter-club made the playoffs again with a hard fought 3-3 overall record. Thanks Captain Mark Robson!

Other interesting factoids:

We had close to 190 members this year – counting full and handicap only members – which is one of our higher membership counts in the past few years.

According to our statistician Jim Williams, we had 96 members win at least one gift certificate; 35 members win at least $100, and 26 members who won at least their full membership fees ($120) this year.

The top five money winners were Troy Blamer and Kenny Flynn with $300; Greg Howard with $280; Brady Rockey with $255, and Todd Brown with $245.

In closing, also take a look in the mirror and thank yourselves. 

Many of you helped out in some way this year.  Certainly, the folks mentioned above, but others who helped haul coolers, tally scorecards, helped determine scat/skin winners and all the Ladies TGA members who helped us each tournament at the check-in table.

Without all of these volunteers (remember THAT when you’re griping about something….) the TGA would not be the association that it is today.


2021 Tournament of Champions (TOC)

From Mark Harper Jr., 1st VP

Tournament of Champions  was held Sunday for those lucky enough to have qualified by winning a gross or net flight throughout the year.  Weather was still chilly and windy but we didn’t have to play from the “stalls”. 

Single digit indexes played the MGA tees and double digit indexes played the White tees. 

BJ Richardson was the lowest gross round of the day with a 75.  We had 2 net 67’s from Rick Conner and Ray Brewer.  Rick won the scorecard playoff claiming the 1st Net winner. 

I have also attached the results from TOC.  If you didn’t get your gift card this weekend for one of these tournaments or the Hatfield winnings then you can see on of following people out at Tanglewood and they can get them from the locker:

Hayes Smith, Myself, Steve Livingston, Joe Brooks, Brian Sainz, Hugh Quinn, or Jim Williams. Catch them before or after your next round and they will be glad to help.

Thanks to everyone in the TGA for another great year of tournaments.  I couldn’t have done it with out the help of the other officers, or the guys that would hang around and help with the scoring.  It wouldn’t have been possible without the help from you guys. 

Final thought,  Steve Livingston will be in charge of the tournaments next year.  I know he is working on the schedule now with Tanglewood Staff and will likely have it out to guys in the coming weeks.  We are still looking for someone to take on the 2nd VP duties next year.  If you have any interest please reach out to myself, Hayes, or Greg Howard. 

52 weekends, 11 tournaments, 1 round of fun