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Summary of results, 2015

Incoming treasurer Jim Williams sends this update:
I know that many of you look forward to the year-end summary; so I did not want to disappoint anyone this year!
·       The TGA paid out almost $8,200 to Members in Gift Certificates this year (plus additional amounts to the Guests in the Member/Guest)
·       89 Members cashed in at least one event this year
·       31 Members earned at least $100 in Gift certificates for 2015
·       24 Members earned at least their membership fee ($120) back in Gift Certificates
·       The top five Members earned $285 / $275 / $250 (three tied at this amount)
Those top 5 – in reverse order were:
·       Nick ‘Two Down” Hamner
·       Kenny “I Don’t Have a Nickname Yet” Davis
·       Charlie “Back Nine” Fisher
·       Joe “Club Champion” Cansler
And the top earner for 2015 was……….”Mister” Mark Hartson!!!!!
And yes Charlie – You have taken a larger lead in the overall Gift Certificate race since 2008.  You lead me by $80 and Quinn by $280.  Top 10 since 2008 are:
Charlie Fisher
Jim Williams
Hugh Quinn
Tom Birrittieri
Mark Hartson
John Nieters
Mark Nieters
Greg Howard
Chris Cassetta
Terry Payne


2014 TGA Club Championship

From Vice President Brian Sainz:

The Tanglewood Golf Association crowned a new Club Champion, and his name is Chandler White. Chandler opened with an impressive 66 on the Reynolds course, and finished with a 69 on the Championship course to finish with a two-day total of 135 – or -7.

Chandler is one of our Junior members, and won’t turn 21 for another month or so.

And speaking of Juniors, our runner-up this year is also a Junior. Joseph Cansler shot 72-71 to finish -1 overall.

Really great playing guys – congratulations.

Other flight winners include:

Greg Howard in the Championship 1B (aka 2nd) flight with a two day total of 157.
Hugh Quinn in the 3rd flight with a two-day total of 150.
Kenny Davis in the 4th flight with a two-day total of 156.
Lee McCann in the 5th flight with a two-day total of 161.
Bill Donahue in the 6th flight with a two-day total of 160 (WOW!!!)
Art Vanderlip in the 7th flight with a two-day net total of 142. (Art also won a Closest to the Pin in our tournament, a CTP in another tournament, several skins, a long drive contest in the other tournament and a date with Kate Upton, I believe…)

A lot of people won skins over the two days, and some even made their money back. There are too many to mention. If you did not receive your skin money from me today, thank you, as I am taking my family to dinner on you.

Okay, not really. We’ve got your skin money and unclaimed gift certificates waiting for you.

Closest to the pin winners were Kris Carlson and Chris Blankenship yesterday, and Art Vanderlip and Mark Nieters today.

Thanks for everyone who participated, and for those folks who are ‘handicap only’ members who decided to play, we hope you enjoyed yourselves, and hope to see you (and your friends) as full members next year.

Special thanks to everyone who helped out with sign-ins, scoring, skins, and running interference. This includes Hugh Quinn, Terry Payne, Mark Robson, Nick Hamner, Kris Carlson, Dave Depietropaolo, David Phillips and the TGA Ladies Golf association, to name just a few.

Without all of your help, these tournaments would not run as smoothly as they do.

Also thanks to the Tanglewood staff, ESPECIALLY the grounds crew who had both courses in fantastic shape, given the rain we had this weekend. They did a fantastic job.

Full results are attached (hint, flight 4 results are on page 2).

2014 Club Championship Results