TGA 2010 Kickoff Meeting Minutes


2010 Opening Meeting

February 2, 2010

The Tanglewood Golf Association held its Season Opening Meeting on Tuesday, February 2 at 6 p.m. in the Tanglewood Clubhouse.  A social hour preceded dinner which was provided by Sagebrush Restaurant.  A photo slideshow of various TGA players hitting a shot during the year was played through the evening.  Attendance:  39.

Ryan Quiggle, TGA President, opened the meeting at 7:30 p.m. and asked Ron Morgan to offer an invocation.  Next, Ryan recognized John Blevins, 2009 President, for his leadership this past year and had a plaque for John, who was not able to attend.  Ryan acknowledged the champions of the major club tournaments in 2009: Club Championship – Chris Cassetta; Match Play Net – Charlie Fisher; Match Play Gross – Mark Nieters, Summer League – Louis Stiles, and Senior Club Championship – Ron Morgan.

Ryan recognized the Officers for this year:  James Gore, First Vice President; Holt Williamson, Second Vice President; Jim Williams, Treasurer, and Hugh Quinn, Secretary.  He also asked former Officers of the TGA Board to stand and he recognized and he recognized two new members who were present

BUDGET:  Jim Williams, Treasurer, discussed the results of last year from a financial standpoint.  We ended the year with a $857 surplus.  The budget for 2010 is tight and is based on 100 full members which is less than last year (114 full members) because the Board felt we might lose some members due to the economy.  Revenue is budgeted at $19,357   and Expenses are budgeted at $19,395 for the year.  Motion made and seconded to approve the 2010 budget (Baker/Turner).  Motion carried.

SUMMER LEAGUE: Holt Williamson will chair the league this year.  League will begin play on March 17.  The format will be Stableford.  There will be two nine-week sessions.  Players should plan to show up on Wednesdays between 4:30 and 5:30 to play.  There will also be a weekly skins game.

MATCH PLAY:  Dave Larmour will chair again this year.  Fees for both Gross and Net divisions are $10 each this year.  Sign-ups will continue for several more weeks and play should start in April.  A discussion ensued about whether 90% of players’handicaps should be used this year rather than 100%.  It was decided to leave it at full handicap.

OLD BUSINESS:            Nothing brought forward

NEW BUSINESS:            The TGA provides funds to the golf course for special items.  In the past, we have paid for granite markers on some holes on the Reynolds Course.  Mike Wilcox, Head Professional, asked the TGA to continue to support this effort.  There is a need for granite markers for two sets of tees on 14 holes on the Reynolds Course.  The TGA carried over funds for this purpose from last year so we have a total of $1,750 to spend.  The total cost would be $1,960 and the balance would be taken care of by the golf course.  After discussion, a motion was made to approve the request and expenditure.  Motion passed with one vote not in favor.

HANDICAP COMMITTEE:                         Nick Hamner reported that the Handicap Committee and Tournament Committee would take the responsibility to post individual scores for all club tournaments this year.  The reason for this is that many players either did not post their scores in a timely manner or posted an incorrect score.  This applies to those tournaments for which the scores are postable.   Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) will be taken into account.  Last year, the TGA established a mixed tee slope and rating for the Championship Course for those rounds that are not played at the plates.  Many times, the blue markers are between the white plates and the blue plates so this mixed tee option should help us post scores more appropriately.  The Handicap Committee is always looking for new members so please consider serving on this committee.

INTERCLUB:                        Ryan reported that we will participate in the Interclub again this year.  We have the option of contacting nearby clubs to put together our 4-club group or the CGA will do this for us.  Last year, Salem Glen, Reynolds Park, and Oakwoods were in our grouping.  Scores from the Interclub are postable and the player needs to do that.  Also, there is a new rule this year in that an eligible player must have a minimum of 10 scores in the last 12 months on their handicap card prior to the matches.

TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE:            James Gore reported that we plan to offer an option to players wishing to compete in both the regular Club Championship and the Senior Club Championship (age 55 and above).  The tournaments will be on different weekends and anyone who wishes to play both will have to remit a nominal fee (amount to be decided) for the second tournament.  We are also considering a Players Championship the weekend after our last club tournament, Tough Day.  Throughout the year, players earn points for tournaments they enter and where they finish.  The Top 30 point leaders at the end of the season will play our version of the Tour Championship where they play one round.  There will be a separate entry fee of $10 for those that would like to enter and all the funds will be provided back in prize money for the top players. Additional details will be worked out over the next few months.

Also, due to the loss of a couple of trees between #10 and #18 on the Championship Course, the area is open in which players might choose to play towards #10 fairway from the #18 tee box.  Due to the danger this could cause, Tanglewood will be declaring that balls in #10 fairway from the #18 tee box will be out-of-bounds.

The Tournament Committee encourages members to participate in CGA events and to invite other members to join you.  The Committee is also looking into Home and Away events with other clubs in the area.  There was also a discussion on the difference between the handicap holes on the Tanglewood scorecard and the TGA scorecards.  This matter will be continued to be looked into.

50-50 RAFFLE:  The winner of the raffle was Ron Morgan and he won $115!  Nice way to start the year.  Meeting concluded at 8:30 p.m.           Hugh Quinn, TGA Secretary