What’s new with the online TGA

What changed with the TGA website?
The TGA website now runs on a wordpress platform. This means that it is easier for us to keep updated and easier for you to contribute to. Are you interested in being part of the TGA online? Contact us at mens_tga@yahoo.com.

How is the TGA listserv different?
The TGA listserv is now hosted on google goups at https://groups.google.com/group/tanglewood36. You can keep getting email without doing anything. If you would like to swap out your email address, change your distribution options or stop getting email from the TGA completely you can edit your options at our google group site.

I can’t see what’s in the google group, what gives?
While you can receive emails through the google group without having a google account you do need a google account to view the googlegroup archive. To sign up for a google account you can create one and then link your preferred email address to it

Can I post to the TGA google group?
You can post to the TGA listserv if you are a member of the group. Group membership is moderated by the TGA secretary. All posts are moderated so that we can keep volume low.