2011 Year End TGA Players Championship

With one more event left on the 2011 TGA calendar, the race to make the top-30 in points is still very competitive.

The overall leader is Greg Howard who leads with 52 points. Mike Lewallen is second with 50 points; and Charlie Fisher and John Turner are tied for third with 49 points.

There are 30 players currently at 26 points or higher which would qualify them for the year-end TGA Players Championship. This includes the 2010 bubble boy – Nick Hamner – who is currently tied for 29th with 26 points.

The top 15 members with 35 points can not mathematically drop out of the top 30 and are assured of moving on. The next 7 or 8 members are probably safe, which means that there are still 7 or 8 spots that can change places on Tough Day. Last year in Tough Day, Jerry Visintine and Jason Carey both finished second in their respective flights and knocked Nick Hamner and Dave Orrell out of the Players Championship.

As a reminder, we award points in the following manner in every flight for every tournament:

Flight winners: 10 points

Runner ups: 7 points

3rd Place: 5 points

4th Place: 2 points

5th or worse: 1 point

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