Interclub Match Date Change

Mark Hartson sent a change to the schedule. The Interclub Match post has the change listed. It also has links to send email to the Interclub Co-Captains.

We will now travel to Forest Oaks on August 19th for our interclub match. So please; Everyone re-check your calendars and let me know who would be available for play on August 19th.


Interclub Matches

Please note the date change for the match at Forest Oaks!

Mark Hartson, Interclub Co-Captain sends:


We have all the dates set for our inter-club matches. It is a four ball match play with 6 teams of two players facing off against 6 teams of two opposing players. There is 2 points available for each individual match and 2 points for the team match. A total of 36 points for each inter-club match. There are two alternates to be participating at each match. If we make it to the playoffs, alternates are eligible to participate as part of the playoff rosters as well. In the years past, we have had need to use the alternates, due to sickness or injuries to roster players, so alternates are very important.

The cost for the home and away matches is the same as previous years: $25 (Includes Golf, Cart and food). Even if you are a member at Tanglewood, you still have to pay $25 to play at home.

You must be 21 years of age and have an index of 18.4 or less. The lowest index in the previous 12 months before the schedule match will be used for handicapping your match play. If you current index is 20, but at sometime in the previous 12 month period it was 18.4 or less, you are eligible to participate.
We only have a little over a month until our first scheduled match, so please review the dates below, check your schedules and email me with your commitment to specific dates that you can participate in.

1st Match: Sunday June 3rd 1:00 PM Tanglewood @ Salem Glen
2nd Match: Saturday June 23rd 11:00 AM Tanglewood @ Pinebrook
3rd Match: Sunday July 1st Noon Pinebrook @ Tanglewood
4th Match: Saturday August 4th Noon Forest Oaks @ Tanglewood
5th Match: Sunday August 19th Noon Tanglewood @ Forest Oaks (Note date change!)
6th Match Sunday August 12th Noon Salem Glen @ Tanglewood

Daniel Lemons, James Gore and Mark Hartson are the co-captains for the Tanglewood team and will determine the rosters from the pool of players signed up. Get out there and practice and sharpen your skills. Use the TGA match play as a tune up for the inter-club matches.

Any questions please contact any one of the co captains. You can click on their names to send them an email.

Mark Hartson
cell: 336-813-3356
James Gore
Daniel Lemons