Split Sixes Tournament coming up next!

The next TGA Tournament is Split Sixes on Saturday, June 16 on the Reynolds Course with tee times beginning at 11:30. Format is as follows: the first six holes are better ball (four ball), middle six holes are modified alternate shot and the final six holes are scramble (captain’s choice). For the modified alternate shot – each player hits a tee shot and the best one is chosen, then players alternate shots for the remainder of the hole. Partners need to have handicap indexes that are at least 6 points apart. For example, a player with a 4.5 index can have a partner with an index of 10.5 or higher.

Handicap Indices as of June 1.
Deadline to sign up is June 8. Any questions, contact Hugh Quinn via his email (that is, click on that phrase to the left!)

2012 Member-Member Results

What a weekend of golf! With the change in format from stroke play to match play featuring a series of five 9-hole matches from late Friday afternoon to Sunday, the flavor of the event was quite different. Each match had added pressure since there were only nine holes and a team couldn’t afford to get too far behind. We were also the beneficiary of ideal weather and great course conditions on both courses!

We had two flights, a Net Flight and a Gross Flight, with ten teams in each flight and two Pods in each flight. Each flight’s Pod Winners had a sudden-death playoff to determine the Flight Winner. Surprisingly, no team in any pod ran the table with a perfect record. Two pods, one in each flight, had a tie for first place which required a sudden-death playoff before the Flight playoff.

In the Net Pod 2 Playoff, the team of Joe Crocker and Cornelius Flood faced the team of Scott Landy and Mark Yambrovich. All square after the first hole, the playoff moved to #2 where Team Crocker/Flood won the hole and playoff. Team Landy/Yambrovich finished second in the Pod.

In the Net Flight Playoff, Team Crocker/Flood faced the winners of Pod 1, Jim Williams and Charlie Fisher on Hole #3. Team Crocker/Flood won the hole and the Flight.

In the Gross Pod 1 Playoff, the team of Terry Payne and Hugh Quinn faced the team of Jeremy Ray and Mark Harper. All square after #1, Team Payne/Quinn won Hole #2 and the playoff. Team Ray/Harper finished second in Pod 1.

In the Gross Flight Playoff, Team Payne/Quinn came up against the winners of Pod 2, Tom Birrittieri and John Turner. After pars on #3, the first playoff hole, Tom Birrittieri hit a superb approach shot on #4 to a foot for birdie and the Flight Championship.

The Tournament Results page has been updated. Gift Certificates will be ready this weekend and if you are one of the top 3 teams in each flight, check with a club officer when at the club (Quinn, Williams, Howard, Phillips) and one of them will get it to you. Quinn has the Calcutta funds that were not picked up and you can see him for yours if you won.

Next up is the Split Sixes on the Reynolds Course – format is two person better ball for 6 holes, modified alternate shot for 6 holes and scramble for 6 holes. Sign up on the Tournament Registration page.