TGA Board Nominations Process

All, we’ve had a great season of golf so far with two remaining tournaments, Tough Day on November 10 and the Top 30 Tournament on November 18, still to go.  It’s also time to seek nominations for the TGA Board for 2013.

The TGA is a dedicated group of players who enjoy the camaraderie and competition throughout the year.  But it also takes an active Board to make sure this happens and we’d like to encourage any of you to “put your name in the hat” for consideration for one of the open Officer positions in 2013.

The Board is composed of the President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  The President and 1st Vice President are pre-determined from previous elections.  Hugh Quinn will be the President in 2013 and Greg Howard will be the 1st Vice President in 2013.  The 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer positions are elected each year.  The current Secretary, David Phillips, is running for the position for 2013.

The primary roles of the 2nd Vice President are to facilitate the Wednesday Night League and ensure that the meals and drinks are provided during select events through the year.  The 2nd Vice President would then move to the 1st President the following year and the President the year after.

The Treasurer is responsible for accepting and depositing dues, paying any bills and maintaining the financial records throughout the year.  The Treasurer keeps the 1st Vice President informed how much he has to spend on tournaments each month.

The Secretary role maintains the website and sends notices out to the membership on a regular basis and keeps up with important information of the TGA.

The Nominating Committee consists of Ron Morgan, Nick Hamner and Hugh Quinn and is actively searching for candidates for these open positions.  If you are interested in serving as a TGA Officer, you are free to self-nominate by letting one of the members of the Nominating Committee know.  If you would like to nominate someone, please do so, but only after talking to the person and they are willing to serve, if elected.  It’s up to each of us to help make the TGA stronger and your nominations will help.

Deadline for Nominations is November 10, same day as Tough Day.

Once all Nominations are received, a ballot will be sent out to the Membership for voting and results will be shared as soon as practicable with the Membership.

Thank you,

Hugh Quinn

Season Points update

With one tournament left to play in the 2012 TGA season, the race to finish in the Top 30 (and ties) to be eligible for the year-end TGA Players Championship is still wide open.

As you can see in the points summary, the gap between the 25th position and the 40th position is only nine (9) points. Some strange things would have to happen, but even down to 50th place is still mathematically alive!!

Remember that points are awarded based on your finish within your individual flights.

Points are earned:

10 – first place
7 – second place
5 – third place
2 – fourth place
1 – fifth or lower

Don’t forget to go onto the website and sign-up for Tough Day. Every point is very important at this point of the year.

See you at Tough Day, and hopefully on November 18th at the TGA Players Championship!!!