Handicap Index Information

A new page has been created to show the TGA Handicap Indices. You can get to that page under the ‘Score Posting and Handicap Info’ tab on the main page. There is a list sorted by name, one sorted by index, and a page to show course handicaps for both the Reynolds and Championship courses, for each tee.

These pages will be updated after each revision.

For the Split Sixes tournament, you can use the index list to find TGA members who have an index that is at least 6.0 strokes different from yours. If you’re looking for a particular person, the name list may help.

The Championship & Reynolds Course handicap lists might be helpful to quickly find your course handicaps. Make sure you check the date at the top of the list to be certain you’re looking at the correct list (and to remind me if I don’t get the list posted in a timely fashion.)