Team Tanglewood Falls to Lincoln CC in CGA Interclub Play

President Hugh Quinn sends:

Team Tanglewood ran up against an excellent Lincoln CC team at home as well as away as they won the overall match 26 – 10 on Saturday, October 26, eliminating us from the playoffs.

While a tough loss for us, it takes nothing away from the greatest run we have made in CGA Interclub play in many years, maybe forever. First, we won our pod in the regular season, then we won the first two matches of the playoffs making it to the Elite 8 before falling in the quarterfinals.

My appreciation goes out to every player who participated in one match or many matches throughout the season. It was truly a team effort throughout the year as we had over 25 different players participate.

But one person deserves special recognition and that is “Mister” Mark Hartson. When I left to take an interim work assignment in late July, I asked Mark to take over the Captain’s duties. He did a tremendous job, got us into the playoffs and then got us to the quarterfinals. He coordinated all of you and you know how hard that can be! He reached out to the other captains quickly and proactively and worked with Kitty to get the additional dates on Tanglewood. While it may seem to have run smoothly, please let me assure you that the smoothness comes with a lot of behind the scenes work. The hours and dedication were enormous. Thanks “Mister”!

And once again, thanks to Team Tanglewood for a great season! Hugh

Hatfields and McCoys Battle It Out!

In the 2013 Hatfields-McCoys tournament, we had one of the
most exciting and down to the wire finishes in many years. In Round One,
held on the Championship Course, the McCoys took a commanding 41-27 point
lead. The McCoys were playing their usual strong game and it looked like it
might be another blowout win.

But the Hatfields started strong on Sunday on the Reynolds Course and erased
the McCoys lead by the fifth match of the day and extended that lead by 10
points heading into the last few matches. But it wasn’t over yet as the
McCoys rallied and squeaked out a 71-69 victory!

This marks the fifth straight victory for the McCoys in the annual event.
McCoys’ Captain Mark Hartson and Greg Howard received the trophy from Jeanne
Dale at the beginning of the dinner.

Hartson & Howard accept the Chuck Dale Cup
(Full size photo)

Other highlights of the tournament includes the unique hats created for
the tournament by Greg Howard, the delicious meal coordinated by Brian
Sainz, and the unforgettable of image of David Phillips in a kilt!

Phillips in sartorial excellence
(Full size photo, if you dare)

Thanks to all who played and next up is Tough Day, scheduled for the
Championship Course on November 9. More info to come.

Also, at the dinner, we asked for nominations for Second Vice President.
Mike Lewallen nominated Terry Payne. His nomination was seconded by at
least a dozen members and a voice vote was called. By unanimous consent,
Terry Payne was elected as Second Vice President for 2014. Congrats Terry!

President in 2014 is Greg Howard, First Vice President is Brian Sainz,
Treasurer is Mark Robson and Secretary is David Phillips.