Red White & Blue Tournament

The Red, White & Blue Tournament will be held Saturday, March 15 on the Reynolds Course, with tee times starting at 12:30.

Flight Report
Starter’s Sheet
Alphabetical list of tee times

Red, White and Blue Rules- 2014

RULES – Lift, Clean, and Place; you may place your ball within one club length no closer to the hole in your own fairway.

ROOT AND ROCKS – It’s the Reynolds Course. Use your judgment to save your body and your clubs, but don’t cheat your friends. If you are on a rock or root in the rough/woods, you can move it up to two club-head (not full club) lengths no closer to the hole.

If you need more than that, take your lumps, your unplayable lie and your penalty stroke.

#10 – As is standard for TGA tournaments on the Reynolds Course, left on #10 in the shit trees is considered a lateral hazard. Take nearest point of relief from where you think your ball crossed in.

FORMAT – Red, White and Blue will be played as an 18-hole stroke play event. It is a non-postable round due to the mixed use of tees.

Each player selects the 6 holes to play from the Red Tees, the White Tees, and the Blue Tees. Please play the tee markers, not the plates.

The scorekeeper is responsible for recording each players score, and clearly indicating which tee. The player is responsible for verifying they have played six holes from each tee.

You may want to keep your own score on a Tanglewood card to help you check at the end of the round.

PACE OF PLAY – Each group shall keep pace with the group ahead. Due to daylight issues, it is very important to play at a good pace in order to have everyone finish.

Prior to arriving at the course, please have a reasonably good idea/strategy of which tees you’ll play – please don’t plan to ‘make it up as you go along’.

As you depart the green, please inform your partners which tee you plan to play on the next hole.

Please play ‘ready’ golf. Guys playing the blue tees should tee off first, white tees second, and finally the ladies tees.

Make sure you are being courteous and not interfering with other tee boxes.