Hatfield Dynasty Continues with One in a Row Victory

Another hotly contested Hatfield/McCoy tournament is in the books, and this time, the Hatfields were able to withstand the Sunday comeback by the battle-tested McCoys.

The Hatfields jumped out to a 41-31 lead on Saturday and things looked good. But, as they’ve done so often in the past, the McCoys came back strong on Sunday, winning many of the early matches, and taking over the lead midway through the afternoon.

Unfazed, the Hatfields finished strong, winning 28 of the final 36 points to secure their first victory in six years.

Both courses were in great shape, and if you get a chance, make sure you thank the Tanglewood staff for all their hard work getting the courses set up for us.

Wanted to call out a few guys who went undefeated in their individual matches this weekend:


  • Jim Williams
  • Laurence Chambers
  • David Bossi
  • Mark Robson
  • Kris Carlson
  • Gene Cox


  • Brian Peacock
  • Gregor Howard
  • Bob Kokoski
  • Ron Morgan
  • Nelson Kelly

Special thanks to the captains – Charlie Fisher and James Gore for the Hatfields, and Mark Hartson and Jerry Visintine for the McCoys, for all their hard work helping assemble the teams and putting together the matches.

Also, make sure you give Terry Payne a ‘Thanks’ for the fantastic meal and ice cold beverages throughout the weekend.

The steak was fantastic, and “Mister” Hartson seemed to enjoy his burger as well ….

And remember, for the next year…..


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HM Saturday Results 2014

HM Sunday Results 2014