Summary of results, 2015

Incoming treasurer Jim Williams sends this update:
I know that many of you look forward to the year-end summary; so I did not want to disappoint anyone this year!
·       The TGA paid out almost $8,200 to Members in Gift Certificates this year (plus additional amounts to the Guests in the Member/Guest)
·       89 Members cashed in at least one event this year
·       31 Members earned at least $100 in Gift certificates for 2015
·       24 Members earned at least their membership fee ($120) back in Gift Certificates
·       The top five Members earned $285 / $275 / $250 (three tied at this amount)
Those top 5 – in reverse order were:
·       Nick ‘Two Down” Hamner
·       Kenny “I Don’t Have a Nickname Yet” Davis
·       Charlie “Back Nine” Fisher
·       Joe “Club Champion” Cansler
And the top earner for 2015 was……….”Mister” Mark Hartson!!!!!
And yes Charlie – You have taken a larger lead in the overall Gift Certificate race since 2008.  You lead me by $80 and Quinn by $280.  Top 10 since 2008 are:
Charlie Fisher
Jim Williams
Hugh Quinn
Tom Birrittieri
Mark Hartson
John Nieters
Mark Nieters
Greg Howard
Chris Cassetta
Terry Payne