Tanglewood Golf Courses Included in November Bond Referendum


We have received a note from Mike Wilcox asking for our help in raising some funds to promote the approval of the Parks and Recreation bond referendum vote in November.  In case you have not seen any news on this, here is a brief explanation.

The Forsyth County Commission has put forward a plan to help the school system, Forsyth Tech and county parks.  The cost of all the projects is $430M and they are putting it to a public vote in November.  If it passes, the Tanglewood courses would both receive significant changes.

Here’s what Mike told us recently:  in addition to redoing the bunkering on the Championship Course, they will also redo the bunkering on the Reynolds Course and install new irrigation on both courses.  Altogether, we are talking about close to $4M for our courses.  He said that some of our correspondences to the commissioners really made them think about doing a larger project for the courses.  It’s nice to know that our voices were heard. 

 The Chamber of Commerce has funds to develop materials and an ad campaign to support the bonds related to the school system.  But they are looking for funds to assist with the parks portion of the bonds. 

We all want our courses to be better and this is probably the only chance in the next decade to have something happen.


 So, here are several thoughts:

1) We consider putting some of the funds from the TGA treasury towards this effort;

2) Ask the TLGA to support this effort as well; and

3) Ask our members to pony up individual funds.  Any individual funds would be considered a tax-deductible gift to the Chamber of Commerce, through their Foundation.

If we could do all these things and raise a couple of grand, it would really help to promote the parks portions of the bond referendum.


Jim has looked at the budget for the rest of the year and determined that we could donate up to $1500 towards this effort – which includes $500 that was included in the original budget earmarked for the benefit of Tanglewood – and still maintain sufficient funds for the rest of the year, while carrying the recommended cash balance into 2017.



Before we commit any funds, we need a vote of the Members of the Association to commit these additional funds.  As the timeframe is fairly tight, we ask that you reply (either yes or no) by this coming Friday, July 29th.

 Any members that wish to make direct donations, they should be made out to:

Winston Salem Chamber of Commerce Foundation and marked 2016 Forsyth County Bond Campaign

Checks may be sent directly to the Foundation at:

411 West Fourth Street

Suite 211

Winston Salem, NC  27101


Or they may be mailed to Jim Williams and he will forward them to the Chamber Foundation.


Jim Williams

1007 Woodland Pointe Dr

Kernersville, NC  27284