Message from Mike Wilcox, Tanglewood Golf Course

Good afternoon,

First of all, let me thank you for your support of the bond referendum. I doubt that we would have gotten this far without the strong support of TGA members. I truly appreciate what you have been doing to make it happen!
Second,The Board of Commissioners is having a meeting on the bond referendum Monday night, August 8. Mike Anderson, Director of Parks and Recreation, thought it would be meaningful for people who support the parks and recreation referendum to send an email to the commissioners before the briefing.
Additionally, he said that members are welcome to show their support by attending. There will be an opportunity to speak if so desired.
Mike suggested when communicating with commissioners that it would be most beneficial to show support of Tanglewood Park as whole and not just the golf projects.
Please share with others who you think would be interested.
As a footnote, I’ve been meeting with Bruce Charlton of Robert Trent Jones II the past two days. We did a walk through and full review of every hole. We’re both excited about the potential that’s out there. He loves the golf course and thinks that the green complexes are excellent.
Have a great weekend,

Bond Referendum Supporting Tanglewood Golf

On Wednesday afternoon, August 3rd, Joe Crocker and Jim Williams attended the opening meeting of the Chamber of Commerce 2016 Bond Referendum group meeting.  This is the group that will be responsible for communicating and providing information to educate the public about the various 2016 bond proposals.

Joe, Hugh Quinn and Jim have volunteered to participate with this group to see exactly how the funds that the TGA and its members have donated will be used.

As we move forward, we will provide updates from these meetings to keep our membership informed, and also share the information so you can also help to spread the word about the various bond proposals and assist with their passage.

The Chamber has put together a comprehensive program to help educate the voting public about the various bond proposals and the benefits to the community.  The program will be known as “Our Schools Our Community Our Future”.

The effort will be a three (3) part approach, based on:

–          Development  of the Initiative

–          Internal Communications

–          External Communications


Elements of these parts will be:


–          Multiple logos to be used on mailings and marketing materials.  The need for multiple logos arises because the Chamber can not directly ask people to vote Yes in all cases/uses of funds.  For example, a school administrator/employee can’t directly tell someone to vote for the Bonds, but they can say that they support the Bond effort (semantics, I know – but required by law/regulations).

–          Establishment of a website that will contain detailed information on all three bond proposals.  The website will be

–          Distribute informational fliers at local sporting events

–          The majority of donated funds – ours included – will be used for Direct Mailings to households within Forsyth County to help spread the word about the bonds.

–          The largest push of information will occur during October/November

The Chamber will establish a Speakers Bureau that can present a summary of the proposals to scheduled groups/meetings.  If you want to recommend a group  that we can present to, please let one of us know.

It was requested that Op Eds and Letters to the Editors be written and submitted to the Winston Salem Journal and/or Chronicle.  The Chamber will be glad to ‘ghost write’ an article if you are not very proficient with the written word and you can then modify the article slightly for your own submission.  You can mention a single bond, or multiple bonds in your submission.  Mentioning support for the overall bond effort is a more preferred method – but be driven by your own desires.  The big focus for these articles will begin around Labor Day.

The Chamber is also looking for volunteers to man the polling places during early voting and Election Day.  You would be expected to hand out literature to individuals as they are going in to the voting places that would explain, in summary, the various bond proposals.  We didn’t volunteer anyone, but if you are interested, please let one of us know and we can get you connected with all the information.

Obviously, the focus will be on the School Bond proposal.  It is highly unlikely that if the school bond passes that the others would not, so the more support we can generate for the entire bond package – the better chance we will have of seeing the improvements we desire to our facility.