2017 Hatfield McCoy

(This went out in email, but deserves a place on the web page for posterity)

It was a beautiful morning & day for the final round and produced a historical FIRST for the Hatfield/McCoy event which began in 2001.
After 25 matches, McCoy’s needed 6 points from the final pairing to tie regulation play. McCoy’s team of Dave Orrell/Chris Domanski delivered the six points to produce the FIRST TIE in tournament history (78 points for each team)!!

Under tournament protocol, the winner is determined by course play off. Captains each selected one player representative–Hatfields=Kris Carlson & McCoys=Mike Pierce. Moving to the first tee Championship course, Kris had honors putting his superb drive in the right side fairway. Mike’s drive ended in the fairway bunker right. Nick “two down” Hamner double bagged down the fairway soon joined by Dave Phillips in his ‘camo kilt”. Mike then placed a well executed bunker approach shot on the green. Kris’s approach shot held the green-inside Mike’s  position. With honors, Mike lagged his birdie putt to ‘kickin distance’. Kris’s birdie putt ran past the hole and remained “away”. To demonstrate sportsmanship and confidence, Kris conceded Mike’s ‘kickin’ for par. Kris’s par putt had a little too much pace for the break…@$#%!!

McCoy’s WIN!! McCoy’s WIN!! and re-take the Chuck Dale Cup!!! Final: Hatfields=78 McCoy’s=80…Bragging rights re-claimed.

To sum up, what a wild & historical finish to a great tournament that put on display our wonderful venue, friendly competition/sportsmanship and other cool things about our Tanglewood Golf Association and its members. Chuck Dale (if he were with us) would absolutely loved the way this 2016 H/MC twisted & turned and concluded.

Special thanks to Kitty Visintine, Tanglewood Pro Shop staff & Maintenance staff. Team Captain/assistants for Hatfields(Quinn & Fisher) and for McCoys(Hartson & Payne), Steve “wonder” Livingston for the ample beverages, steaks, hamburgers and fixin’s. Terry Payne for scoring (his math skills were verified at least 3 times that I know of) and all those that helped clean up the Main Ballroom and assisted Steve with coolers before and after each round. Eddie James & Matt Bostic for donation of hydrating beverages. Dave Phillips for posting scores (Anybody want to guess what’s really under that kilt?). To those of you who were unable to compete in this tournament due to dealing with Matthew’s destruction down east, illness or family commitments, we hope those situations are much better now. We look forward to all of you joining in next year.

As always, thanks for your participation,
PS: GO HATFIELDS & beat egg sucking McCoys in 2017…