Information about the Forsyth County Bonds, and Tanglewood Course Improvements

From a story in the Winston Salem Journal,

Forsyth County commissioners on Monday approved bond payouts and priority projects for the county’s public schools, Forsyth Tech and Park and Recreation.

Voters approved $350 million for the school system in a bond referendum last month, along with $65 million for Forsyth Technical Community College, and $15 million for Parks and Recreation.

Each bond will be issued in two-year increments, said Paul Fulton, the county’s chief financial officer.

The bond payouts to Parks would be $3.75 million every two years. The first issuance in February 2017 — Tanglewood — would go for golf course upgrades and irrigation and cart path renovations; Union Cross, Walkertown and 421 River would get playgrounds and design work for projects in coming phases.

The second phase of the parks projects beginning in 2019 would include additional Tanglewood upgrades to the par-3 greens, multi-use trail, roadway improvements and the start of clubhouse renovations; Kernersville Lake, Horizons and C.G. Hill would receive playgrounds.

The third phase, beginning in 2021, would include completing the Tanglewood clubhouse, construction of the Triad Park portion of the Reedy Fork Greenway, design and development of a new shelter and other upgrades at Horizons Park, and the start of construction of a multi-use agricultural event center.


It appears that improvements to the golf courses will be completed in the first phase.

We (the TGA) look forward to the improvements that will come with the implementation of the upgrades.  We also need to be aware that there will be disruptions to our golf courses during this time, and that could include things like course changes for our tournaments, maybe nine holes being closed at a time, or being forced to skip holes as we play a certain nine.

We do not yet know how the plan will be implemented, but we will do everything we can to keep the membership informed as we learn of the steps that will be undertaken.

TGA Elections

TGA Election must be redone.
Unfortunately, Tom Birrittieri has also had to withdraw from consideration as 2nd VP.
Jim Williams has volunteered to run as 2nd VP, and Nick Hamner has volunteered to run as Treasurer.
Write-in are always acceptable.
The new slate is:
2nd VP – Jim Williams
Treasurer – Nick Hamner
Secretary – David Phillips.
Please respond to David Phillips,, with your votes, no later than midnight, Eastern time, December 31, 2016