2019 Senior Inter-club Update

From our Senior Inter-club captain, Mark Robson:

The Senior Interclub Team rolled to our 3rd straight victory with a 44-28 win over Maple Chase today on the Championship Course. On paper, this looked like a tough match, but solid play by all 4 Tanglewood teams and home course advantage proved to be too much for Maple Chase.

Mark Harper Sr. hit the shot of the day on hole #5. He pulled out his rangefinder on the tee and determined that it was 270 yards to carry the front edge of the green, hitched his pants, and launched a 280 yard missile that ended up 12 feet past the hole and had our opponents begging us to go easy on them. Needless to say, we didn’t, and the match was effectively over. Thank you, Mark!

Individual Match Results:

Ron Morgan and Bill Goodson (10.5 to 7.5, win)
Mark Robson and Mark Harper (12.5 to 5.5, win)
David Edenfield and Sam Crawley (11 to 7, win)
Bob Cornish and Mark Hartson (10 to 8, win)

Team Results: Tanglewood 44, Maple Chase 28.

Current record: 3-0-0

Remaining Schedule:
At Meadowlands, Tuesday, Jul 9
At Maple Chase, Tuesday, Jul 16
At Salem Glen, Tuesday, Jul 23