2019 Regular Inter-Club Update #3

from Mark Harper, Jr.


If Lee Ross would have played today in the interclub, I’m sure we would have heard that several times through the trees!

Tanglewood defeated Maple Chase 37-35 today at MC.

It was a close match and we had several guys play very well today. This victory today guarantees us a spot in the playoffs. Maybe now some of this grey hair I’m getting will turn back brown.

We had some stellar play from our guys today.

In the first match David Summers and I halved our match 9-9. It wasn’t because we played poorly, we shot 64 best ball. Every hole on the back 9 of our match was birdied. We were down 2 points going into 17 and made 2 birdies to get the halve. David played great, especially considering 48 hours before he was in a car wreck that a lot of people wouldn’t have walked away from. Thankfully he did!

In the second match Dave Larmour and Steve Frucht lost 10.5-7.5. Dave shot 76 but ran into a buzz saw with a guy who shot 73.

In the third match, Brian Sainz and Charlie Fisher won 11-7. Today was Charlie’s birthday, and his present was Brian. Brian shot 73 today and had four birdies. Post round the Maple Chase guys we’re grumbling about his performance, he may be in their nightmares tonight.

Charlie remains undefeated in our interclub this year! He will be hard to be beaten in the MVP race. However Jim Williams is trying to edge him out.

The last match came down to Jim and Donnie Holt and they were able to win 9.5-8.5. The only thing that went wrong for Jim today was his handicap, he shot a 74! Jim is also undefeated so far this season. Great playing, very impressive round.

We had 5 guys that shot in the 70’s today. That is very hard to beat. Myself with a 72, David Summers with a 73, Brian Sainz with a 73, Jim Williams with 74, and Dave Larmour with a 76.

We are now 4-1 in the interclub this season.

Very proud of our guys, winning on the road is always a tough challenge and we have managed to do it twice this year (so far, still have one more chance).

Our last match is July 20th at Willow Creek. If you are interested in playing please send me and email or contact me at this weekends member/guest. Looking forward to trying to get some other guys in a match. We were able to get 5 new guys in matches today, and would like to do something similar at Willow Creek if it works out. I will probably have to play Jim, Charlie, and my Dad(Mark Harper Sr) so they can battle out the MVP rights of the regular season.