2019 Member-Guest Results

from Hugh Quinn, our 1st VP

With hot and steamy weather both days, the contestants in the TGA Member-Guest also brought some heat of their own!

In Flight 1, the team of Kenny Flynn and Chris Logan continued their torrid pace with a 6-under par 64 to go with their 7-under par round of 65 yesterday to finish at 129.  Finishing runner-up was Chris Blankenship and Brian Ingram.  Moving up to 3rd place was the team of David Brown and Mike Induni with a 65 on Sunday. Dave Larmour and Jim Kemerling took 1st net with 127.

In Flight 2A, Scott Wearn and Patrick Hynes also shot under par with a 69 for  a two-day total of 137.  Hot on their heels was the team of David Summers and Steve Johnson who shot 67 to get within one of Scott and Patrick.  Mike Martin and Stephen Anderson took 1st Net with a score of 122!

In Flight 2B, Todd and Nick Southard matched their first round score of 70 to finish at 140 and take 1st Gross.  Matt Edwards and Joe Tippett shot 125 to take 1st Net.

In Flight 2C, Dale Slate and Herb Whitesell who play in just about every four ball event they can find shot 148 for a one-shot victory over David Wilson and Josh Tharington.  David and Josh shot an incredible 113 to win Net handily.

In Flight 3, Ron Warden brought Troy Blamer who scorched the course on Sunday with a solo 65!  They won their flight.  And former President of the TGA, Steve Livingston and his ol’ buddy, Joe Bryant, were on fire with a net 121 to take 1st Place!

In Flight 4, they didn’t have enough of the outdoor heat so they decided to play 5 more holes.  Tom Birrittieri and Marty Spellman shot 144 and were tied by J.R. Lawson and Mark Marion after their 71 on Sunday.  So it was on to extra holes… it was supposed to end at #1, then #2, then #3, then #4, and finally on #5, J.R. holed a short putt for birdie to take first place gross.  Rodie Marovich and Butch Clark secured low net with a 124.

There were seven under par rounds on Sunday and 19 rounds at 72 or under across all 6 flights.   

Congratulations to all the prize recipients!    

The Cookout was a highlight of the weekend, with Chef Tommy Birrittieri serving up delicious burgers and dogs with lots of fixins.  And thanks to Tina Smith, Hayes’s better half, and my better half, Margaret, for getting the cookout set up and operational before the players arrived and then kept taking care of stuff the rest of the afternoon. 

Speaking of Hayes, the man kept us well supplied with all sorts of beverages all weekend long as well as food on Friday night and Saturday.  We must be getting older – water was the preferred choice (maybe the heat also had something to do with it).  We got a nice treat with specialty beers from Matt Bostic’s shop, Stella Brew, on Hawthorne. 

The Putting Contest on Friday night proved once again that the winner won’t win the main event, just like the Par 3 Contest at the Masters.  So for Charlie Fisher, Ken Jones and Shawn Kavanaugh, congratulations and condolences. Hey, but it was a win.

Several TGA members served as starters, spotters and marshals over the weekend. 

Brian Nason took his life in his hands by spotting balls on the fairway on #10.  Hazardous duty but fortunately he came out alive. 

Dave DePietropaolo, Gene Cox and Rob Heflin got you guys started and then it was up to you. 

In the Golf Ball Survey on Saturday morning, we had 108 responses with Titleist Pro V1/X being the leader with 43 players.  Seventeen players used a different model Titleist.  Callaway was 3rd with the Chromesoft at 16 and 6 other Calloway balls were in use. TaylorMade TPX was used by 9 players.  Bridgestone had three followers and Srixon 1.  There was also this mysterious Other ball which 12 players used. 

We appreciated the TLGA support for Registration both mornings.  They are a godsend. 

Scoring is one of the tasks that has to be done but isn’t very exciting.  It takes a special breed to get wrapped up in that and fortunately we have a great cadre of Brian Nason, Brian Sainz, Jim Williams, Joe Brooks, Steve Livingston, and Terry Payne.  But we’re always open to new faces helping out. And keeping track of the $$ is a big undertaking for this event and Joe Brooks got ‘er done! 

We hope you and your guest had a great time this weekend and for those who didn’t win, there’s always next year!

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