2019 Regular Inter-Club Update #4

from Mark Harper Jr., Regular Inter-club captain.

The Regular Inter-club team went to Willow Creek and waited for three plus hours for the rain to clear. It never did.

Willow Creek was not in the playoff hunt, so they chose not to attempt a reschedule and forfeited the match.

We were excited about getting the win and going undefeated on the road, but just hate to do it that way.

However we will take a 5-1 record and happily take the #1 seed in the playoffs!

We have had a lot of fun this year.

This will be the first time that the Regular interclub and Senior interclub capture the #1 overall seed. I couldn’t be happier for the entire TGA family. What a great accomplishment.

Looking forward to see what both teams can do in the playoffs.