2020 Regular Inter-Club Update vs Oak Valley

from Mark Nieters, Inter-Club Captain on June 24th

Last Saturday our regular Interclub team hosted Oak Valley in our second match of the season. After a little bit of a rain delay early in the round, Team Tanglewood put together some great scores and won decisively at 50.5 to 29.5. That puts us into a tie with Bermuda Run at 2 wins and 0 losses each. We do have a 5.5 point lead in the tiebreaker however. That is why each hole is so important in all matches.

One of the best shots of the day was from BJ Richardson. His first swing after the rain delay was his tee shot on 3 to a pin tucked in the extreme back-left portion of the green. He promptly sticks it to 3 inches! When asked if he pulled it, he calmly replied, “No, not really. Maybe 15….or 20….(long pause for effect) YARDS!” Also, I thought the apocalypse may be upon us when I heard our dear Charlie Fisher complaining on the first hole about someone else’s handicap! As I had predicted though, Charlie and Chad were easily able to overcome the 13 shots they were giving up in that match.

Here was the scoring breakdown:

Greg Howard – 71 / Chris Blankenship – 75
Team won 13.5 points

Mark Harper Jr. – 72 / Kenny Davis – 77
Team won 13 points

Mark Harper Sr. – 83 / BJ Richardson – 75
Team won 12 points

Chad Carter – 84 / Charlie Fisher – 83
Team won 12 points

Next up we host Bermuda Run this Saturday, June 27. We are looking for revenge as BR handed us our only regular season loss last year. It will be a good chance to distance ourselves from them with half of our matches being completed. If you have the golf genius app you can follow the scoring live. Just enter 2020PODRH as the GGID and select a match to follow. It updates after every hole is completed. You can view all matches being played in our pod…it’s pretty nice.

That’s it for now. If you see these guys around, congratulate them on their strong play. We’ll need good scoring Saturday too.