2021 Regular Inter-Club Match at Salem Glen

Our Regular Inter-club team started their season this past Saturday, May 8th, with an opening round match at Salem Glen.

Our Tanglewood boys played well, but not well enough to beat a fired up Salem Glen team, as we lost the match 45-35.

There were some bright spots, however. The team of Stevie Blankenship and Mark Harper Sr. held on to ‘halve’ their match.

In addition, Stephen Dunn made an Ace on the par 3 8th hole, and his playing partner Mark aka “Bones” Nieters made a birdie. Think about it – their combined TEAM score for the hole was THREE!!

Stephen has promised to ‘buy’ everyone as many sodas, waters, and beers as they would like during the Member/Member coming up in just over a week.

He’ll place them in the coolers around the clubhouse, and possibly in the beverage carts, too!

Next up for team Tanglewood is this coming Saturday, May 15th, hosting Bermuda Run.