Wednesday Night League

Wednesday Night League 2017

Wednesday Night League Standings will be sent out by email and posted on the website.

Rules for TGA Wednesday Night Golf League 2017

For any questions or concerns please email Jim Williams (

These are postable rounds.  Play the ball down unless weather conditions warrant a change; you will be notified.  Please make all putts and finish the hole unless you have reached NET double bogey.  Some players may have an ESC of 8, and a course handicap that gives more than one stroke on some holes.  If you choose not to finish that hole because you’ve reached your ESC score, record that hole as -1 points.

You must play with another TGA member to validate your scores for the league.  If you play a league round, you should post your 9 hole score (applying ESC as needed) using the kiosk computer, online or with the smart phone app.  I will be monitoring this, and can post penalty scores if I see this rule being violated!!

Players with a course handicap of 10 or more should play the WHITE TEES.  Players with a course handcap of 9 or less should play the BLUE or MGA tees.   Players may also play from the BLACK tees if they wish.

We will NOT be adjusting your handicaps this year if you play from different tees than suggested above.  You choose your tee box, and you will play to whatever your handicap is listed for whichever tee you play from.

Since your handicap index can change, it is important to know your course handicap before starting play.  This is your responsibility and part of golf etiquette including fairness to your competitors.   This information is available at the kiosk computer in the clubhouse, the online GHIN system, and our Tanglewood Golf Associate website ( and GHIN app for smartphone.


All league points will be scored as NET but it would be appreciated if you write down both your gross and net score.  Please make sure your handwriting is legible.  We will use the modified Stableford scoring system for the NET scores on a hole:

5 for Double eagle

4 for Eagle

3 for Birdie

2 for Par

1 for Bogey

-1 for Double bogey or higher

This is an easy way to total the 9 hole score and does penalize a score of NET double bogey or worse.


It is important to clearly indicate which tee was played for a round.

Make sure you print your name legibly and sign your card.

  • Record your points for each hole and add them up for the round total.
  • Write your 9 hole handicap on the card legibly by your name
  • Please write everything legibly!
  • It is recommended that you record both your Gross and Net score on the score card to minimize scoring/posting errors, or if we need to check after the fact.
  • A sample score card is available on the website to clear up any confusion and provide uniformity.


First Half:  The 4 golfers with the highest point totals from their 5 best rounds will be included in the 1st Half Play-Off Round.  The two players with the highest point total for the initial playoff round will advance to the 1st Half Championship Match.  The highest point earner for that round will be declared the 1st Half Champion.

The 1st Half Champion will face the Champion of the 2nd Half for the 2017 Summer League Championship in August.

Second Half:  The 4 golfers with the highest point totals from their 5 best rounds will be included in the 2nd Half Play-Off Round.  The two Play-off winners will face each other for the 2nd Half Championship Match.  Finally, the Second Half Champion will face the First Half Champion for the 2017 Summer League Championship.

Note:  In the event of a tie for either of the initial playoff rounds in the 1st or 2nd Half, ties will be broken by the highest points earned on each hole – starting on #9 and working backward to #1.  Should the overall Championship round end in a tie after 9 holes, the two players will play “sudden victory” holes until the match is decided.
2017 Summer League Schedule:

TEE times are reserved for 5:00 – 5:50 to allow for six (6) foursomes.

Date Course Notes Date Course Notes
March 15 Championship Practice Round June 7 Reynolds
March 22 Championship Reynolds aeration 3/14 June 14 Championship
March 29 Championship June 21 Championship
April 5 Reynolds June 28 Reynolds
April 12 Championship July 5 Championship
April 19 Reynolds July 12 Reynolds
April 26 Championship July 19 Championship
May 3 Reynolds 1 pm Shot gun on Champ July 26 NO LEAGUE– Shotgun on both courses
May 10 NO LEAGUE– Shotgun on both courses August 2 Reynolds
May 17 Reynolds August 9 Championship Second Half Semi-finals Play-off
May 24 Championship First Half Semi-finals Play-off August 16 Reynolds Second Half Final
May 31 Reynolds First Half Final
*Aerate Champ on 5/30 and 31
August 23 Championship Summer League Championship Match


*For those who want to play after the Summer League Champion has been determined, Tanglewood has made 3 tee times available for the following dates:

August 30 – Championship

September 6 – Championship

September 13 – Reynolds

September 21 – Championship

September 28 – Championship


The cost on the Reynolds Course is $11.00 to walk; $16.00 to ride.  Members may ride for $11.00

The cost on the Championship Course is $18.00 to walk; $21.00 to ride.  Members may ride for $11.00

ADDvantage members- No Charge


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