Match Play

2017 Brackets as of September 21,  2017. 

Match play is down to the semi-finals in both the gross & net brackets!

Please address all questions to Art Vanderlip. Just click on his name.

You’ll probably have to zoom in to read names.

In the list of players, make sure you double check the email address. Use the directory on the members’ page to be certain.


All matches must be played the month indicated on the brackets.

The player with the higher handicap index has the choice of tees and will setup the date and time for the match.

Please send an email with the date and time for the match to Art Vanderlip.

All rounds must be posted. Complete your round even if the match was won after 10 holes.

Send an email with the results of the match to Art Vanderlip

Match play grid – Gross (updated Sept. 21)

Match Players, Gross

Match play grid – Net (updated Sept. 21)

Match Players, Net


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