Plans for the 2019 season

Welcome to the Tanglewood Golf Association
Clemmons, North Carolina


We will not be making any changes to the fee structure.  Membership fees will remain $120 for a Full Membership; $40 for a Handicap-Only Membership and $20 for a Junior Membership.  Our intention is to continue to provide the same activities and functions that we have in past years.

2019 Membership application


The 2018 season provided a number of ‘opportunities’ with renovations done on the Championship Course. The challenges were well worth it, and 2019 will be an exciting year for our membership.

We will be returning to a ‘more typical’ tournament schedule in 2019, including the return of our Member/Guest tournament, and a more even split of events between the Championship and Reynolds courses again.


In 2018 we introduced a new flighting scheme, more similar to other Carolina Golf Association (CGA) tournaments. It was well-received by our membership, and will continue in 2019. Flights based on Age and/or Handicap.

    • Men A: 7.9 index or less (all ages);
    • Men B: 8.0 index or higher (all ages);
    • Senior Men A: 7.9 index or less (age 55+);
    • Senior Men B: 8.0 index or higher (age 55+);
    • Super Senior Men: No index restriction (age 65+).

Players may choose to compete in any Flight in which they are eligible.  For example, if a member who is 60 years old and has a Handicap Index of 12 chooses to do so, he may sign up for the Men B Flight, rather than the Senior Men B Flight.  It is entirely up to the member to select the Flight they wish to compete in.  This designation will be Tournament based, so you can switch back and forth throughout the year.  When you register for a Tournament, you will be asked to designate which Flight you wish to participate in.  Note: Flight changes will not be allowed after entries close.


One benefit of this new Flight structure will be that different Flights can play from different tees, but you will be competing against members that share common factors with you – either age or handicap.  Expected tee placements will be:

    • Men A: 7.9 index or less (Blue Tees);
    • Men B: 8.0 index or higher (White Tees);
    • Senior Men A: 7.9 index or less (age 55+, White Tees);
    • Senior Men B: 8.0 index or higher (age 55+, White Tees);
    • Super Senior Men: No index restriction (age 65+, Black tees).


This new Flight format will also allow us to change the payouts within Flights to allow Gross and Net payouts in every Flight.  The number of payouts in each Flight will be determined by the number of entries in each flight.  At a minimum, there will be a 1st Gross and 1st Net paid in each flight.  Players will be awarded the highest payout they are eligible for.  The payout grid for each Tournament will be provided at the time the Tee/Flight information is distributed.


Decisions on such events as the Interclub will be discussed and voted on at the Kick-off meeting in February.  There is a cost associated with entry in to the regular and senior Interclub events, so a consensus of the membership will be sought on whether we wish to participate in 2019.

For those unaware, Tanglewood won the CGA Senior Inter-club Championship in 2018. In doing so, we became the first undefeated team (regular season and playoffs) in Senior Inter-club history.

It is still expected that we will conduct the Gross and Net Match Play again in 2019 – provided we have a member(s) who will volunteer to lead that effort. A big “thank you” to David Larmour who handled the duties for us again last year.

We will also conduct the Summer League in 2019, with the return of (where possible) alternating weeks between the Championship and Reynolds courses each Wednesday night.

2018 was a challenging year in many respects, but we came through it, and now have a spectacular ‘new’ course to call home.


52 weekends, 11 tournaments, 1 round of fun