2019 Senior Inter-Club Playoff Update #1

from Mark Robson, Senior Inter-club Captain

The Senior Interclub Team won our first round playoff match yesterday against Anderson Creek Golf Club (AC) 39-33 and advances to the Quarterfinals where we will play Chapel Hill Country Club.

Both teams had a significant “home field” advantage, but Tanglewood capitalized on it much more than AC winning at home by a combined 11 points with stellar play by all 4 players!

The Big Kahuna award for this match goes to Greg Howard for shooting a 67. Honorable mentions go to Bill Goodson (77), Mark Harper, Sr. (75), Sam Crawley (75), and Bob Cornish (78).

At Tanglewood
Mark Harper, Sr. (9) and Sam Crawley (10) vs. Reggie LeDuc (10) and Craig Jones (11)

Greg Howard (0) and Bill Goodson (5) vs. Chuck Otterstedt (6) and Michael Bentley (7)

At Anderson Creek

Bob Cornish (11) and Mark Hartson (13) vs. Joseph Boyd (14) and Nathan Phillips (17)

Mark Robson (7) and Rodie Marovich (8) vs. Jack Worst (8) and Buddy Evans (9)

The Chapel Hill Country Club match must be completed by September 27. If we are fortunate enough to win that match, there is a possibility we could meet Forsyth Country Club in the Semifinals.

Please congratulate the guys when you see them. We need your support to keep our 2-year streak alive (18-0-0).

In it, to win it….again!

2019 Regular Inter-Club Playoff Update #1

from Mark Harper Jr. Regular Inter-Club Captain


We had our first playoff match today after having a bye in the first round.

In the playoffs, our team was split home and away, with four guys traveling to Lochmere Country Club in Cary, and four playing at home on the Championship Course.

The first match was at home where Chris Blankenship and myself halved our match, nine to nine. Both teams played great golf and shot 65 best ball. Chris and myself both shot 71.

The second match was away. Dave Larmour and Brian Sainz halved their match as well. Lochmere is a tight course, and Dave and Brian brother-in-lawed well, and managed a birdie on 18 to tie. Dave shot a 79 and Brian a 76.

The third match was at home with Stevie Blankenship and BJ Richardson. This was the match that pulled us to victory — BJ shot 74 and and Stevie 75 to win 13-5 in that match.

Tanglewood seemed to play a lot longer than either group from Lochmere was used to. The captain of their team shook my hand on 18 and said “Well, you maxed the legal settings out for interclub.”. I believe he was keeping track of yardages every hole.

Either way it was great playing by Stevie and BJ and they are the sole reason we move on in the playoffs!

The final match was away, and we had Rodie Marovich and Charley Fisher. They lost a close match by one point. Charley shot an 82 and Rodie an 86.

I’m very proud of Team Tanglewood — we have used 20 different players so far.

Next up, we have the winner of Duplin Country Club and Falls Village Golf Club next.

If anyone has played either course let me know. Can’t wait to see how far this Team Tanglewood can go!