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2019 Regular Inter-Club Playoff Update #3

from Mark Harper Jr., Inter-club Captain

Final Four bound!!

Tanglewood defeated The Preserve at Jordan Lake today to claim a spot in the Final Four next weekend at Pinehurst. One step closer to our goal of winning the whole thing.

We played in very challenging conditions today with it being cold and windy. That didn’t de-rail this team — played very well considering the conditions.

At home, the first match out was won by Stevie Blankenship and BJ Richardson 12-6. Both stay undefeated in interclub so far this year. They also won at home against Lochmere 12-6 proving to to be a formidable duo!

The second match at home was Mark Absher and Chris Blankenship winning 9.5 to 8.5. As a team they only took one bogey all day on number 2. That’s impressive from the blues and in the “tough” weather of the day.

In the first match away at The Preserve, Mark Harper Sr and Charlie Fisher won 9.5 to 8.5 as well. They paired well today, as they didn’t make the same score on any hole.

In the last match, myself and Brian Sainz lost 11-8. We didn’t play our best but fought back after losing the first 4 holes to keep it close.

Thankfully we had a great team. Tanglewood!!!

Bones and I are very grateful for the opportunity to captain this team. The entire association of Tanglewood is the best group of guys I know.

Also, I’m looking forward to serving the TGA in another way this coming year by accepting the position of 2nd Vice President. Hope I serve you fellas well. Thank you for the opportunity.

Last, we will be in the Final Four next weekend playing Long Leaf Golf Course Saturday against the team of Pinehurst Country Club number 7 and 9. We will have 8 players and 2 alternates, plus 1 advice giver. If anyone is interested, please let me know. If I understand it correctly Saturday’s round will be free. And hopefully Sundays when we win Saturday!


2019 Hatfield/McCoy Results

From Hugh Quinn, First VP

Heading into Sunday’s final round, the Hatfields held an 8 point lead; 36-28 after the Four Ball matches. With 32 Singles Matches on Sunday, it was wide open to see who would emerge victorious.

The Sunday’s matchups proved to be well balanced with the final score being 32 – 32!. See below for results.

This enabled the Hatfields to retain the 8 point margin from Saturday and win the 2019 Hatfield-McCoy Tournament!

We had 69 players participate in the tournament, most played both days, but a few played either Saturday or Sunday with 64 players each day. There were 17 new members in the tournament and eleven of them won or tied their singles match on Sunday. Nice performance rookies!

The Hatfields enjoyed their steaks and actually shared some with the McCoys who also had chicken from Firebirds. No burgers this year. Thanks to Hayes Smith for handling the refreshments all weekend as well as the great meal on Sunday! And thanks to Matt Bostic for bringing a cooler full of craft and specialty beers from his business, Stella Brew!

Both courses were in great shape and despite the overnight 2 inches of rain, the Championship Course held up very well. It was cart path only so that made it a little more challenging. Several of you noted the speed of the Reynolds greens on Saturday; they had been double cut that morning! The Championship greens were also their usual speedy self and in ideal shape.

Terry Payne, McCoys Captain, Charlie Fisher, Hatfields Captain, and Jim Williams, Hatfields Co-Captain did an excellent job putting together what became some incredible matches both days.

Thanks to Mark Harper, Jr., Brian Sainz, Jim Williams, and Bob Cornish for helping with scoring over the weekend.

I actually met a lot of very nice McCoys this weekend; all the new guys! Too bad they will start drinking the McCoy cool-aid and begin to act more like the old McCoys next year.