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2022 Forsyth Championship

The long beard made it look like Santa made an early appearance this year, as the bearded wonder claimed the 75th edition of the Forsyth Championship.

Tanglewood’s own Kenny Flynn won his third title – adding to his trophies from 2000 and 2011.

Kenny started hot, with a 64 at his other home course, Reynolds Park, and never looked back, as he led for the entire 54 hole event. He closed with a 73 on Sunday on the Championship course.

In addition to Kenny’s stellar play, 2nd place belonged to another Tanglewood member, Jeremy Ray.

Jeremy is also a past winner of the event, having won in 2012. In the process of the 2012 victory, he also became the first player to win both the Forsyth Junior Championship and the Forsyth Championship.

Also worth noting for Tanglewood, with the win, Kenny joins a small circle of three-time winners of the event, including, none other than THE CAPTAIN, Tanglewood’s Ron Morgan.

Ron also won the Senior Forsyth approximately 79 times (ok, I made that number up – but it was A BUNCH!), before “retiring” out to Davie county, and losing his eligibility.

When you next see Kenny, Jeremy, or Ron, please take a moment to congratulate them.

Not only are all three great golfers, they’re all three great CHAMPIONS.

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2022 Money Ball Tournament

from Steve Livingston, 1st VP

It was hot and some of the play was even hotter; some not so hot!

First place was decided by the last group on the course (Richardson, Marovich, Crocker, and Eldridge); nice scores guys.

Mr. Ralph Cox shot his first sub-80 round ever with a nice 78 for the 2nd Place team of Harper Jr, Peterson, Livinston and Cox. Congratulations Ralph!

The 3rd Place Team (Wearn, Long, Meyer, and Beddard) also won the “low Money Ball kicker”.

I did not get the Greenie Winners in my notes….I know Paul Meyer and Greg Howard, but I don’t want to guess on the other $45 winners.

I thought the tournament was fun and it seemed like everyone enjoyed it. I thank Mr. Brian Sainz for all his work today with the scoring plus much thanks to Mark Harper Jr., the TLGA ladies and others for assistance with the set-up and scoring.

I thought the course was in very good condition; the fairways and greens were great.

I’ll send the missing Greenie winners out tomorrow with an email to the winners.

Next up is the Member-Guest on August 13th and 14th. It will be on us very quickly, so please get your partner lined up and make sure we either have their GHIN number or their 5 recent score cards.

Note: the Reynolds “lift, cleaned, and place” rule has caused a discussion on what constitutes the tree line. I don’t know the right answer. I understand the rule is supposed to grant relief from the sparse grass conditions in the rough plus a couple of places in the fairway. Therefore, my interpretation is the tree line is determined by the inside edge of the tree trunks that in someway form a line that divides the woods and the rough. It’s not behind a tree or even 1” past that inside edge, the club length can’t save you, and it has nothing to do with the canopy. Some trees lean, so let’s say the line is determined by the inside edge is from a vertical point 8’ off the ground (dirt level not the roots). I like a healthy discussion as much as the next guy, but I don’t intend on delving any deeper on this one. If someone would like to head a small group to determine a universal understanding and documented rule of the “tree line”, I will back your efforts whole heartedly. We need a volunteer or silent agreement to use the definition above. I guess we are using this rule for the Member-Guest, Club Championship, and the Hatfield-McCoys, as it was voted on and decided at the Member-Member Calcutta.

Member-Guest Calcutta: The team buy-out is $200. If a team is not bought bidding will start at $150. We will be at Shelter 3, so if anyone has large fans we will need them. Mr. Robson is planning the food and drinks. Mr. Tommy B is planning a different scoring format for the Saturday round that will be fun. He’s putting the finishing touches on his format and this will be sent as in the next two weeks.

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