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2022 Tough Day Results

One could argue that Tough Day was easier this year because it was a few weeks earlier than usual, the temperatures were more pleasant, and the maintenance crew was back to full staff — so the leaves were MUCH less of an issue than years past.

However, most everyone was still pushed a bit, playing tees they’re not accustomed to, playing with a bit more rough than years past, and aiming for a few pin placements that were slightly more difficult than our typical Saturday morning round.

Of course, none of that mattered to some folks — see below.

In the Championship A flight, Kenny Flynn shot a smooth 74 from the gold plates to take 1st Gross. 2nd gross went to Brandon Miller. Sandbagging BJ Richardson shot a net 69 to win 1st Net, and Terry Payne claimed 2nd Net.

The Championship B flight, playing the Blue plates, saw Zach Barnes win first gross with 84. 1st Net belonged to Chad “LETS GET PUMPED UP!” Carter with a net 67. Pete Schantz (Seriously? No, this can’t be right…) claimed 2nd Net.

In the Senior A flight, also playing the Blue plates, David Brown shot an EASY 74 to win 1st Gross. 1st Net was Brian Sainz with a net 71, and 2nd Net went to Todd Brown.

In the Senior B flight, playing the Blue tee markers (MGA tees), Jim Williams had “just enough” to nab 1st Gross, and Gene Cox claimed 2nd. 1st Net was won by none other than our 1st VP Steve Livingston with a net 69, and 2nd Net went to Joe Crocker.

In the Super Senior A flight, also playing the Blue tee markers, Jerry Johnson shot a nice 77 to claim 1st Gross. Hugh Quinn claimed 1st Net with a net 73.

In our largest flight, the Super Senior B, Smiling Rodie Marovich claimed 1st Gross with 80. Mark Robson claimed 2nd Gross. On the Net side, Ralph Cox won 1st place with a net 68. Henry Johnson 2nd, and Dave Edenfield 3rd.

In the greenies contest, Mister Mark Hartson and John Holzworth won on #7, and Lee “TANGLEWOOD” Ross and Chip Baker won on #11.

Special thanks to Bruce and all the maintenance crew for getting the course in great shape, and all the leaves under control. It was truly appreciated.

Also, thank you Steve Livingston for another outstanding tournament.

For complete Tough Day results, please click here.

2022 Net Match Play Finals

The Net Match Play results are in, and Keith Lester shot a blistering net 67 on Thursday November 27th to defeat Kenny Davis in the Match Play Finals.

For those of you who don’t know Keith, he’s a great guy and relatively new member to the TGA – joined about 2-3 years ago. He’s been working hard on his game and clearly he’s been doing something right!

For those of you who don’t know Kenny, well, you’re lucky……(HA!) But having said that, I would like to point out that (if memory serves correctly) Kenny won the Net Match Play in 2020, in 2021 he “officially” conceited his first round match (a ‘friendly match’ that he easily won….) due to his pending surgery.

So, in a sense, Kenny has made the finals the past two years he’s played, and we’re all very happy to see him back from the very serious surgery that sidelined him in 2021.

Congratulations to both players, and thank you Tom Long for continuing to run the Match Play competition the past two years — it’s very much appreciated.

If you see Keith, Kenny or Tom around, please take a moment to congratulate Keith and Kenny, and thank Tom for his excellent work.