2019 Club roster

There is a first-cut version of our 2019 club roster on our website.

The roster is very helpful in contacting your opponents for Match Play or partner tournaments, or just to start sending spam to guys you don’t like.

For the moment, we do not have all the phone numbers of each member, so the roster doesn’t include them. We will update with phone numbers in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, please reach out to your opponents via email, and start scheduling your tournaments.

The roster can be located via our website (tanglewood36.com), top menu item “Members Page”, “TGA Directory”.

That page is password protected.

Our unpenetrable security and password is the name of the park, and the number of golf holes.

Alternately, you can use this direct link to the page (but you still have to know the secret password).

2019 Stableford two-person Team Results

Message from Hugh Quinn

Mother Nature was kind yesterday with a beautiful, sunny day but a little chilly to start. I’d like to thank Vivian and Jeanne from the TLGA for handling registration and the contests. Also, Rob Heflin helped at registration as well until we needed a last minute substitution and he got to play. He and his partner, Benny Murrill, finished 2nd in Flight 4.

Since this is a challenging type of tournament to score, I appreciated all the guys who helped at the end getting this done: Brian Nason, Matt Edwards, Stevie Blankenship, Nick Hamner and I know I missed a couple of other guys who helped. Thanks to all!

Flight Winners were:

Flight 1 – Chris Blankenship and Brian Nason

Flight 2 – Glenn Levine and Mark Harper Sr.

Flight 3 – Sam Crawley and David Fay

Flight 4 – Gene Cox and Mark Hartson

Flight 5 – Steve Felenczak and Carlos Rodriguez.

All the above players are now eligible for our year-end Tournament of Champions in November. The ToC is an individual event.

The first three teams in each flight received Gift Cards. Any ties were decided using the USGA method. See attachment for complete results.

Contest Winners were:

Closest To Pin #3 – Mark Nieters/Stevie Blankenship

Closest to Pin #11 – Donnie Holt/Rich Baytosh (paid)

Greenie #7 – Dickie Brewer/Hugh Quinn (paid)

Greenie #16 – David Wilson/Matt Edwards

Each was worth $70.

In the Skins Game, there were only two skins out and the winners were Steve Livingston/Joe Brooks on #5 with a birdie and William Harkey/Tom Birrittieri on #17 with a birdie. Each skin was worth $140 each and paid out.

If you did not receive your gift card or contest prize, the TGA has it. You can check with any Officer (me, Jim Williams, Brian Sainz, Hayes Smith and Joe Brooks) the next time you’re at the Club or it will also be available at our next event which is April 13 – more details to come on that one.

For our New Members as well as a reminder to our experienced Members, please remember to check in with the TLGA ladies at registration for each tournament which is always in the Grill Room, just past the Golf Shop. When the rounds are completed, we meet in the room adjacent to the restaurant counter to turn in scorecards and talk about how great we played or the one of many shots that got away!

Thanks, Hugh