2019 Regular Interclub

From Mark Harper Jr., our (Regular) Interclub team Captain:

We had our first Interclub match of the year on Saturday and came out victorious with a 37.5 to 34.5 victory.

We had one guy in each group play well while the other helped when they could.

We didn’t play our best but a win on the road and for the first match of year was a huge success.

Jeremy Ray and Mark Absher had a great half point in the first match of the day. They were giving up 5 shots to guys that were great players. Getting 9 points there was a big win for us. Mark played even par after the 4th hole and Jeremy was steady all day.

Then, Kenny Flynn and myself got a 9.5 points out of our match thanks to Kenny. There was a ruling conflict in that match that I’m sure Nick Hamner could sort out… If you take a practice swing and hit the ball in the fairway by accident, is it a shot penalty or not?

Then in our 3rd match Stevie Blankenship and the “other” Mark Harper won 10 points. Steady tee balls and a lot of pars served dividends in that match. Then in the last match the unbeatable

Charlie Fisher and Jim Williams won 9.5 points to put us 1-0 for the year so far. I was able to watch a few holes of that match and Charlie and Jim had their hands full with a guy that hit 290 off the tee. Charlie even hit a hook on 17 which was quite impressive.

Good showing by Tanglewood on a course that was setup very tough.

I have played Bermuda Run 15 times in the last year and have never seen a few of those pins. It was not an easy day but very proud of our team to get the win.

This puts us in great shape to make the playoffs if we can take care of home field.

Our next match is May 11 at Maple Chase. That will be our toughest match of the year but I doubt anyone can beat us.

TANGLEWOOD!!! (Lee Ross after making a 2 foot par putt…)