April 18 KISS tournament postponed

Hayes sent this out a little while ago;

There is no getting around it, CORVID-19 has affected all the major golf tours; PGA, LPGA, European PGA and now the TGA.  Unfortunately, we are postponing the Keep It Simple Sandbaggers tournament scheduled for April 18th  and will try to reschedule it for later in the year.  This step is required as we support Tanglewood in staying in compliance with both Forsyth County and State executive orders regarding holding organized events and keeping gatherings under 10 people.

In lieu of having an event, I would encourage everyone to fill up the course by putting together your own foursomes, getting a tee time and coming out to play.  The Championship Course is really coming into great shape with the warm weather so come on out and play.  We should be able to book team times a couple of days earlier than normal before the tee times are released to the general public.  I will confirm that in the morning and let you know when we can start making the times.

The important thing we need to remember is that, as of now, we still have the option to play golf and we, as an association and as individuals, need to do our part to be able to keep that option available.  Remember that social distancing should be practiced at all times but especially while we are at the course.  This includes not only on the course but both before and after our rounds.  By not following the rules, we run the risk of taking away a privilege that we all can use during this stressful period.

We are reviewing the schedule and will work with the Tanglewood staff to see what we can do to optimize our tournament opportunities for the rest of the year, but for now, let’s enjoy the chance we have to play golf and see our friends.

More updates to come soon.

Stay safe!

Hayes Smith

2020 Updated CGA Tournament Schedule

from Jim Williams

Jim Williams was kind enough to put together an updated Carolina Golf Association (CGA) tournament schedule for us.

As many of you are aware, many early tournaments were canceled or postponed.

Please click here for Jim’s updated list. The changes are highlighted in Yellow.