Score Posting

TGA Members,

We’ve certainly been fortunate that the courses have been able to stay open, and that we’re out and getting rounds in. 

People are doing a good job of getting their scores in each day, and it seems that we have a good handle on the GHIN app for smartphone and tablets, and the GHIN website. Many of us are taking advantage of the hole by hole posting so we can look back at some of our statistics. 

The officers would like to make some recommendations. 

The World Handicap System is intended for use at all levels, even casual play. Please continue posting all the rounds you play, and if you play nine, post nine; the system will hold it until you either have a second nine hole round to combine, or you play 20 full rounds.

Have more than one player in your group keep a card for everyone in the group. Check at the next tee that you’ve got the correct scores, again at the turn, and at the end. You of course can keep a card so you have something with you when you get home to post. It may also be useful to keep scorecards that are part of your past 20 rounds. 

In the interests of safety during the COVID-19 crisis, the CGA has said that we can shut the kiosk down. That will help the Tanglewood staff, as they’ll have one less thing that they’ll need to keep clean. You can post from a smartphone or tablet using the GHIN app, or from a computer at the GHIN website. The USGA recommends that you post your scores using the hole by hole posting method. It is quick, easy, will make any adjustments needed for maximum allowable score (net double bogey) and will take care of adding the score for you.

Finally, if one of your playing partners sweeps your ball back to you, the Rules of Handicapping, Section II, Rule 3-3 addresses what score you should record for handicap purposes. That will be the lesser of net double bogey, or your most likely score. If your ball is within 5 feet, your most likely score is one additional stroke. 

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact any of the TGA officers. 

Stay safe, and keep on enjoying our great courses.