2020 Senior Inter-Club Champions!

“In it, to win it.”

For the second time in three years, and the first repeat winner in the “Tom Thorpe Cup” history, the Tanglewood Senior Interclub team, captained by Mark Robson, won the Carolina Golf Association 2020 (yes, still the 2020) Inter-club Championship yesterday at Mid Pines Country Club.

The year started off slowly, with the team dropping their first two matches.  However, Captain Mark righted the ship and the team won three of their next four matches to slip into the playoffs with a 3-3 record.

Team Tanglewood reeled off four straight playoff victories – including wins against undefeated Wildwood Green, and one-loss Bentwinds, to advance to the Final Four at Mid Pines.

The semi-final match against The Club at 12 Oaks, the defending champion, saw each Tanglewood team perform exceptionally well, with a steady 46.5 to 33.5 victory. 

Partners Charlie Fisher and Jim Williams halved their match, as did Gregor Howard and Dickie Brewer.  The team of Scott Wearn and Hugh Quinn were smoking hot and won 14-6.  Captain Mark and his partner pulled out a hard-fought 12.5 to 7.5 victory as well.

The finals match against unbeaten Northstone Country Club was played under sunny but windy conditions.  Both teams played well and exhibited great camaraderie and sportsmanship in each of the back-and-forth matches. 

Team Tanglewood prevailed by a 43.5 to 36.5 margin.  The team of Charlie Fisher and Jim Williams proved to be the difference – winning their match 13.5 to 6.5.  The other three matches were all halved.

As is often the case, there are many unsung heroes this year.

In addition to the above mentioned Final Four players, each of the following (and I hope I don’t miss anyone….) Tanglewood golfers contributed throughout the season, and each was a key part of this years success in our “March to the Final Four”:

  • Benny Murrill
  • Bill Goodson
  • Bob Cornish
  • Del Long
  • Eddie James
  • Hendrik Weichelt
  • Jerry Johnson
  • Joe Crocker
  • Mark Harper Sr
  • Mark Hartson
  • Maurice Banks
  • Mike Utt
  • Rodie Marovich
  • Sam Crawley
  • Tom Birrittieri

If you happen to see any of these guys, please take a moment to congratulate them on another fine season.

As “Regular” Interclub captain Mark Nieters stated in November, Tanglewood has “a good problem in that there are more people wanting to play and only a limited number of spots each match”. 

But, as Captain Mark (Robson) pointed out, the 2021 season starts in another couple of months and he is always scouting for the next Senior Interclub superstar.