2021 US Open Results

from Mark Harper Jr., 1st Vice President


We had fantastic weather Saturday morning for the tournament. Thanks to all who came out and played. Grass is starting to grow in the plugged areas, fairways are looking good, and the greens are firm and fast. That made for a tougher day but there were some good scores shot. Todd Brown and Kenny Flynn both shot 71 from the Blue Plates and Tom Birrittieri shot 73 from White plates. Great rounds guys!

I have attached the results, everything should be clear but if you have any questions feel free to ask. Tie Breakers were settled by the lower score of the TGA player not the Pro. Gift Cards were paid out a lot higher than normal taking the $5.00 pick a pro fund and adding it on to gift cards. Was fun to play and go tune into the “real” tournament and root for the guys I picked, hope yall enjoyed as well.

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