2021 Regular Inter-Club Match at Bermuda Run

Yesterday, July 10th, our Regular Inter-club team traveled across the river (again!) but this time to visit Bermuda Run Country Club.

Once again, we had another beautiful day, another beautiful course, and another win for Tanglewood.

Bermuda Run is leading our ‘pod’, and had been unbeaten with a 4-0 record, and had already clinched their playoff spot.

As you may recall, team Tanglewood had a rough start to the year at 0-2, but had won their last two matches to even our record to 2-2.

With a victory, Tanglewood would also advance to the playoffs — so there was a lot on the line.

And….. Team Tanglewood prevailed – and in stellar fashion.

On a long and difficult course against great competition, team Tanglewood won the first three matches and tied the fourth – thus giving the team a big win – 49-31.

The win was needed for reaching the playoffs, but also the high number of points helps our year-to-date points total, which will aid in our playoff seeding.

Shout-outs all around in this match:

The opening pairing saw Stephen Dunn and Mark Absher shoot a best-ball 66, and individually shot 71 and 73, and beat our former Tanglewood Club Champion John Nieters and his partner in the process.

In the second match, John Kennedy and Mark Harper Jr shot a stellar 68 best ball; brother in lawed very well, and won their match 4-up. Also worth noting – John shot the days lowest round – a two-under par 70!!

In the third match, long hitters Terry Payne and BJ Richardson simply overwhelmed their opponents with a 6-up victory and best-ball score of 71.

In the fourth and final match, Charlie Fisher and Jim Williams each shot great rounds, but ran into some equally hot opponents. However, our boys fought hard all day and came away with a halve.

A last shout-out to Captain “Bones” Nieters who was forced to do a bit of last day line-up shuffling due to a hand injury to Inter-club stalwart Gregor Howard.

Gregor injured his hand in a gang-related knife fight defending his home late in the week. Well, it was either that, or a wrestling match gone too far with his family dog. But seriously, doesn’t the knife fight story sound more cool???

Either way, Gregor was not able to play (on the Injured Reserve for a week or more), but he still helped contribute to the victory — riding around with Bones and cheering the guys on.

If you see these guys around, please congratulate them on a very impressive BIG team win.