2021 Member-Guest Results

From Mark Harper Jr., 1st VP


What a great weekend for golf! Had great weather with the exception of the heat. Reynolds Course was in great shape, and the Championship greens were not perfect like we would have wanted but they are healing nicely! Fairways and rough on the Champs was in great shape. Hopefully all our guest enjoyed the course and fellowship. Steve Livingston did a great job with making sure the coolers were stocked with your choice of beverages and kept cold. Thanks to Dan Mureness’ wife for driving the beverage cart on Sunday, she did a fantastic job!!

We had a big turnout with 108 golfers/56 teams. Lot of money in the Calcutta after raising the Pre-Empt. I’m sure the winners enjoyed that! I still have to enter all the scores so I can get them posted, once I do that I will try to send an excel sheet for the entire fields results. For now here are the winners:

Flight 1:
1st Gross Brandon Einstein & Mark Harper Jr 67/64=131
2nd Gross Shawn Cavanaugh & Chad Frye 70/62=132 Scorecard playoff
1st Net David Brown & Mike Induni 62/68=130 * won in a playoff with par on #2 against BJ Richardson and Michael Elder

Flight 2:
1st Gross Terry Payne & Chris Berrier 65/69=134
1st Net Stevie Blankenship & Chris Martin 65/62= 127
2nd Net David Summers and Steven Johnson 68/60= 128

Flight 3:
1st Gross- John Holzwarth & Tim Carpenter 72/73=145
1st Net – Brady Rockey & Ben Stinson 65/68=133
2nd Net – Dale Slate & Herb Whitesell 67/67=134

Flight 4:
1st Gross – Tom Long & Hugh Martin 74/77 = 151
1st Net – Rick Conner & Donn Judd 67/67 = 134 * Won #1 in a playoff
2nd Net – Andy Packard & Ron Smith 67/67 = 134

Flight 5:
1st Gross – Mike Utt & William Utt 76/71 = 147
1st Net – Chad Carter & Ben Frye 65/62 = 127
2nd Net – Mark Debusk & James Miller 68/67 = 135

Flight 6:
1st Gross – Sam Crawley & Douglas Todd 74/67 = 141
1st Net – Dave Orrell & Rob Saunders 69/63 = 132
2nd Net – James Giblin & Bryan Freshment 70/67 = 137

GREEN HIT results are:
Saturday the pay out was $80.00 for 4 teams: Mark Harper Sr & Chip Bryant, Jeryl Johnson & Joe McIntosh, Kenny Davis & Tom Vickers, Kris Carlson & Frank Liuzzo

Sunday the pay out was $100.00 for 4 teams: BJ Richardson & Michael Elder, Pete Schantz & Scott Smith, Mark Harper Jr & Brandon Einstein, Jordan Ramsey & Ryan Foster

Sunday Skins results are:

Flight 1: 7 skins worth $12 each
Troy Blamer & Ty Keating $24
David Brown & Mike Induni $12
Shawn Cavanaugh & Chad Frye $12
Matt Bostic & Tyler Hinshaw $12
Jordan Ramsey & Ryan Foster $24

Flight 2: 5 skins worth $16 each
Brian Sainz & Dennis Cooley $16
Terry Payne & Chris Berrier $16
Mark Harper Sr & Chip Bryant $16
David Summers & Steven Johnson $16
Steve Trudeau & Brand Frakes $16

Flight 3: 5 skins worth $12 each
Hayes Smith & William Bason $24
Dale Slate & Herb Whitesell $12
Kyle Smith & Derek Smith $24

Flight 4: 2 skins worth $40 each
Pete Schantz & Scott Smith $80

Flight 5: 6 Skins worth $9 each
Mike Utt & William Utt $27
David Wilson & Chad Setliff $9
Chad Carter & Ben Frye $9
Mark Castro & Steven Castro $9

Flight 6: 4 skins worth $15 each
James Giblin & Bryan Freshment $15
JR Lawson & John Blanton $15
David Orrell & Robert Saunders $15
Same Crawley & Douglas Todd $15

****I will have everyone’s money in an envelope with your name on it. So the next time you see and officer at the club or the next tournament you can collect.

LASTLY, I would like to thank Rob Heflin for coming in both days and helping with the scoring and getting everything set up while I was out playing, was a huge help! TGA has some of the best people around! Also Steve Livingston was not playing but worked his butt off with the refreshments and drinks which made for a greater overall experience for the members and guest on such a big weekend! His wife also came in to help with the scoring. Terry Payne stayed late Sunday helping Joe and Hayes with the scoring! BJ Richardson and my Dad both stayed late both days helping with errands and skins as well. Without the help of these guys I may have still been out at Tanglewood getting it all together. There is a lot of work that goes into this tournament especially and without the generous help of our members it just wouldn’t be possible to complete such and event! Thanks to everyone and hopefully we all had a great time!