2021 Regular Inter-Club Match vs Oak Valley

from Mark “Bones” Nieters Regular Inter-Club Captain

Well…where to start?

We hosted Oak Valley on Saturday for our final regular interclub, regular season match. The weather was great and so was the golf! For the third time this season, the entire match result came down to the last group and the last hole. The standings were incredibly tight all day long.

In the first group Patrick Hynes and Todd Brown shot a tidy better ball 64 to win 13 – 7. We needed those extra points because our second group of Kenny Davis (Welcome back Kenny!) and Brian Sainz ran into an Oak Valley buzz saw. They shot a better ball 68 but were outpaced by their opponents’ 63! But here is the important thing – Kenny and Brian didn’t give up even after being 5 down after 15. They got halves at 16 and 17, then won 18 for an extra team point. That proved pivotal later in the day. Their match total was 7 – 13 so the overall match was dead even with two groups still on the course.

Bill Goodson and Cody Mathis had a very close match all day with neither team ever being up by more than one hole. It came down to 18 all square. Cody ran into a little trouble as did one of the OV players, so it was all down to two players. After conceding a short par putt to OV, Bill faced a two putt from the bowl to the back leftish pin. He got a little frisky on his first one not wanting to leave it short and ran it about 8 – 10 feet past. Needing to make it to halve the match, Bill calmly knocked it down to secure a 10 – 10 tie and thus keep everything tied with one group on the course.

Enter Jim Williams and Rodie Maravich. These guys were only tied once for the first part of the match and were trailing 2 down after 12. Thats when Team Tanglewood hit the gas and won the next 3 holes to go 1 up after 15. They held this lead all the way to 18. OV had a tough 2 putt to make from the back right part of the green while Rodie faced a difficult pitch from just short and left. Rodie hit a great pitch to about 6 feet under the hole and OV left his putt about 8 feet short. Knowing that a par would then seal the overall victory, Rodie calmy jarred it while OV missed, giving us a 12 – 8 win for the group and an overall 42 – 38 win for the match.

That gives us a 4 – 2 record after starting the season 0 – 2. Every single player contributed to this victory which will give us a better seeding for the playoffs. It really highlighted that no matter what your score is, each hole is important for a point and all the points add up at the end. One thing is for certain – Tanglewood players don’t back down and know how to finish!

Lots of thanks to Co-Captain Brian Sainz for his always-welcomed help and advice on the roster, and to Stephen Dunn who gave up his afternoon to be a cheerleader and help pull Team Tanglewood through. Also to Kent Shelton for always having everything set up and in order for us so the home matches run smoothly.