2021 Senior Inter-Club Playoffs

from Mark Robson, Senior Inter-club Captain

TGA Golfers:

I hate to report this but the TGA Senior Interclub season came to a screeching halt yesterday in the second round of the playoffs.

We lost our 2nd round playoff match against our crosstown rivals, Forsyth Country Club, in a closer than it sounds 42-38 match.

Tanglewood was down by 1 point with 1 hole to go in the final match of the day (at Tanglewood). We needed to win the hole to send the match into a playoff. In fact, the team at Forsyth was told we had won and to get ready for a playoff. Moments later, we were told that was a mistake, Forsyth had won, and the match was over.

Turns out one of the Forsyth players hit a career shot from the fairway bunker on 18 that somehow managed to stay on the front of the green instead of rolling 30 yards down the fairway and made his 2-putt for a net birdie. End of story, end of season.

We spotted FCC 26 strokes in the match, so we knew we had to play flawless golf to win. Both teams played well and the match could have gone either way, but we came up a little short. Hats off to Forsyth for securing the win and for their excellent sportsmanship.

I want to give a big shout out to Todd Brown and Patrick Hynes for their stellar play. They spotted FCC 14 strokes and won their match at Forsyth 11.5 to 8.5 with a dazzling best-ball score of 64.

Please congratulate our team for a great match:
Greg Howard and Jim Williams
Charlie Fisher and Hendrik Weichelt
Todd Brown and Patrick Hynes
Rodie Marovich and Mark Robson

Also, please congratulate all the guys who played this year and represented Tanglewood so well.

In addition to the previously mentioned players:
Dickie Brewer
Scott Wearn
Hugh Quinn
Brian Sainz
David Carr
Mark Hartson
Tom Birrittieri
Joe Crocker
Nick Hamner
Jerry Johnson
Eddie James

Thanks for your support,
Mark Robson
Team Captain
In it, to win it again…next year