2022 Irish Rumble Tournament

from Steve Livingston, 1st VP

It was a fun format on a nice warm to hot April day. I don’t know many stories from the day, if any can top Gene Cox’s natural birdie on #18 we would all like to hear about it Great job, Mr. Cox! The greenies winners pocketed $40 each….J.R. Lawson, Brian Sainz, David Wilson, and Stevie Blankenship. That makes Stevie the big winner of the day with a $50 gift card, $40 greenie, plus Stevie and his team qualifies for the Tournament of Champions. On the patio, Stevie was able to share stories of his good fortune with his golfing competitors; let’s just say he received a mixed bag of reactions. Lot’s of fun.

It’s time for the first big two day tournament of the year. The Member-Member. Some of you already have your teammate lined up, some have someone that they plan to talk with, and some will need assistance from the tournament committee. Come one, come all. The sign-up will be up in the coming days…please look for Brian Sainz’s email notification.

Note: I had issues with our cards for this one and will find out from Golf Genius what I did or didn’t do to honk these up. The Handicap Index that these were based on were triple checked, but the resultant playing handicaps were correct in about 45% of the cases and off by a stroke or two in the remainder. I can’t thank Joe Brooks, Jim Williams, and Brian Sainz for the tedious work they put in getting this problem straightened out. They went to every net score that needed correcting, made the correction, and recalculated the team total. We got through it with their hard work.

This one’s in the books. Next up is the Member- Member.

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