2022 Member-Member Tournament

from Steve Livingston, 1st VP

We paid 1 Gross, 2 Net on flights with 8 or 9 members, and 1 Gross, 1 Net in the last two flights; these are the gift cards The cards are determined by the payout matrix. The Calcutta was paid out as 2 Gross and 2 Net for each flight, cash. We had a last minute change due to illnesses that resulted in a new team early Saturday, which did not go through the bid process and were not in the Calcutta, so the results in one flight look strange.

Greenie Drawings….the greenie drawings for both days were completed later in the day on Sunday. There were 2 drawings per hole with a payout of $50 each.

Saturday –
Hole 3- Jonathan Kiser $50
Hole 3- Paul Meyer $50
Hole 17- Mark Harper $50
Hole 17- Paul Meyer $50

Hole 3 Shaun Cavanaugh- $50
Hole 3 Eli Kennedy- $50

Hole 11 TBD and TBD – The ticket receptacle did not get put in place as was expected. I took a cart and tried to find it, but no dice. It was put back on the #11 green after some delay. The drawing is still pending, since I want to make sure everyone, who had a greenie that weren’t able to deposit their ticket, gets the chance to win. Let me know if you hit it and are not listed. I’ll draw on Wednesday.

If you hit it and are not listed. I’ll draw on Wednesday.

And last but not least buy a long shot is Terry Payne’s drawing results.

1st Larry Fine – $360
2nd Gene Cox – $240
3rd Shaun Cavanaugh- $100
4th Larry Fine- $100

Also, the scores should be posted today.

Next up is the 5 Club Memorial on the Reynolds on June 25th.

An important note- The Member-Guest is coming up in August. One of the system difficulties are those guests that do not have an established handicap. If you have such a guest, please ask that they hold on to their last 5 scorecards leading up to the end of July. The scorecards should note the tees that they played from, etc. We can take these scores and calculate a handicap for them. It seems like we go through a fire drill with some of these at the 11th hour, so this is 10 week’s notice and there will be reminders in the results of the next two tournaments. We don’t want your guest jumping through hoops at the end. We also have Tanglewood towels put aside for your guests. We will ask for $5 from each playing member to help defray the cost. It’s a pretty nice gift for the guests this year. One more note on the M-G, Tommy B is cooking up different scoring games that should make the weekend a little different and more fun. I’m sure Mark Robson will do something amazing with the food. He says he wants to top Steve Felenczak and my barbecue from last year, good luck with that. You and your guest will win here too.

Thanks to Todd Brown, Joe Brooks, Rick Connor, Tommy B, Brian Sainz, Hayes Smith, Brenda Mureness, Rob Heflin, the TLGA ladies, Kent Shelton, Terry Payne, Mark Jr, Mike Utt. the maintenance crew and so many more that help make this a pretty good weekend. It’s the old adage of it’s not how you start (last week’s preparation problems), it’s how you finish (results above).

I’ll send out the results of the #11 drawing on Wednesday.

For complete results, click here.