2022 Regular Inter-Club versus Twilight

from BJ Richardson, Inter-club Co-Captain

On Saturday June 4th, Tanglewood hosted Twighlight Golf League for their 5th regular interclub match of the year. Twighlight Golf League is an E league that’s close to 150 members strong. They are affiliated with Harold Varner III foundation and their club dues have helped put over 130 kids on the golf course this year. Special thanks to those guys for helping to grow the game.

The first match of the day had the captains Mark Sr and BJ back out together again. This time they had to play instead of ride the golf cart around and spectating. They jumped out to a quick lead with Sr making birdie on 1 and BJ making birdie on 2. They were giving up 4 strokes to the opposing team and this early lead helped set the tone. Sr went on to birdie 6 and 8 to give the team a 3 up lead going to the back. They kept the pressure on and finished with a 4 up win.

The second match out was Brady Rocky and Kenny Davis. They were having to give up 7 strokes and had there work cut out. A birdie from Brady on 2 and Kenny on 3 was enough to have the team 1 up after 9. Kenny then birdied 10 and the pressure started to get to Twighlight. Brady and Kenny finished off the match with a 4 up win. Good to see Kenny back out there hitting bombs.

The third match of the day was Josh Dalton and Andy Packard. They were giving up 6 strokes to their opponents and were going to have to work hard. They were one down after 9 but Andy said he could tell the momentum was shifting. Josh and Andy then won 10 and 11 and never looked back. Andy birdied 18 to win a skin and close out the match with a 2 up win. (Ok, no skin, but a great win!).

The anchor match of the day had Charlie Fisher teamed up with Glenn Makitka. Charlie was pretty sure there was a typo on the score card because he was having to give 9 strokes! Our guys battled hard and were all square after 10. Charlie then stuffed one on 11, showing off in front of the captains playing hole 13 , and rolls in his 3 footer for birdie. Glenn and Charlie played hard and even after giving 4 strokes on the back, still managed to halve their match. Great playing.

Tanglewood had their work cut out for them today having to give so many strokes to a way younger opposing team. Mark and I appreciate everyone working hard and fighting for every point.

We have our last regular season interclub match against Bermuda Run next Saturday on the 11th at Tanglewood. Rumor has it, the Big Dogs are coming out for Tanglewood. Make way for the galleries!!