2022 Regular Inter-Club versus Bermuda Run

from BJ Richardson, Inter-club Co-Captain

Saturday June 11th, Tanglewood had their 6th and final regular season match against Bermuda Run at Tanglewood. This was also the last opportunity to get guys qualified for the playoffs, and we brought out the big guns to finish off the regular season.

The first match had Stephen Dunn and Kent Shelton going out and having to give up 4 and 5 strokes to their opponents. Our guys played hard and made the turn down 2. A solid 71 from Kent and a 74 from Dunn (who, in his own words “just didn’t have it”), wasn’t enough to overcome the strokes and solid play from their opponents, and our guys finished 5 down.

The second match had Shawn Cavanaugh and John Kennedy going out and having to give up 5 and 7 strokes to their opponents. (Seeing a pattern here?) BR came out hot with 2 gross birdies and 5 net birdies between them, just on the front 9. Easy math makes that 7 birdies. Our guys were 4 down after 9, but fought back to being only 2 down after 15. Then BR birdies 16 and net birdies 17. A late birdie by JK on 18 helped to make it a 3 down loss. When every point matters, this could be huge.

The third match had Patrick Hynes and Eli Kennedy paired together for a good blend of youth and wisdom. (This comes into play later) Patrick and Eli were giving up 6 and 7 strokes to their opponents. BR chalked up 5 birdies and our guys were 2 down after 9. Turns out, Eli might have been getting in his own head. Who better to bring him back than Patrick (who admittedly knows something about this). A few words of wisdom put Eli back on track. A birdie on 10 from Patrick and 2 great pars on 12 from both our guys had the team back to even. Both Eli and Patrick birdie 14 and they finish with a 2 up win — shooting even par on the back. Great playing and even better teamwork.

The fourth and final match had our higher hdcps bringing up the rear. Kenny Flynn and Mark Harper Jr. only had to give 11 and 9 strokes to their opponents. Pretty sure these guys haven’t been 4th seed since Jr High. Our guys jumped out to an early lead, winning the first 3 holes. BR then birdies 5 and 6 to get it back to within 1. Kenny birdies 9 and shoots a 33 on the front to give our guys a 2 up lead. The strong play continued and Kenny and Jr close their match out and finish with a 5 up win. Kenny had the low round of the day with a 69. Great playing!!

If you’ve been following along with your calculator, you now know that Tanglewood suffered their first loss of the year by 1 point!! Mark and I knew this was going to be tough for Tanglewood giving up so many strokes to fairly low hdcps, and we are really proud of our guys for almost pulling it off.

To quote a line from Rosie Perez and one of my favorite movies, White Men Can’t Jump, “ sometimes when you lose, you really win”. To see our guys come together and pick up each other up when they were down, make Mark and myself feel like we really won.

We’ve earned enough points to potentially have the first seed in the playoffs. As usual, let’s keep practicing and keep our games sharp.

Go Tanglewood!!!