2022 Forsyth Championship

The long beard made it look like Santa made an early appearance this year, as the bearded wonder claimed the 75th edition of the Forsyth Championship.

Tanglewood’s own Kenny Flynn won his third title – adding to his trophies from 2000 and 2011.

Kenny started hot, with a 64 at his other home course, Reynolds Park, and never looked back, as he led for the entire 54 hole event. He closed with a 73 on Sunday on the Championship course.

In addition to Kenny’s stellar play, 2nd place belonged to another Tanglewood member, Jeremy Ray.

Jeremy is also a past winner of the event, having won in 2012. In the process of the 2012 victory, he also became the first player to win both the Forsyth Junior Championship and the Forsyth Championship.

Also worth noting for Tanglewood, with the win, Kenny joins a small circle of three-time winners of the event, including, none other than THE CAPTAIN, Tanglewood’s Ron Morgan.

Ron also won the Senior Forsyth approximately 79 times (ok, I made that number up – but it was A BUNCH!), before “retiring” out to Davie county, and losing his eligibility.

When you next see Kenny, Jeremy, or Ron, please take a moment to congratulate them.

Not only are all three great golfers, they’re all three great CHAMPIONS.

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