Match Play

 2021 Brackets are here!!

These are the original brackets, created on 3/24/2021.  The brackets will be updated throughout the year as matches are played and results provided to our Match Play coordinator, Tom Long.

Please schedule the matches in a timely manor (see below) and read the FAQ document below, as well.

If matches are not scheduled timely, the committee may assign a time with failure to show resulting in a forfeit.  This should not be necessary, ever!  Get your matches scheduled.


Matched Scheduled by

Match Play Completed by

Round 1



Round 2



Round 3



Round 4



Round 5/Gross Championship



Net Championship



GROSS – 2021 Gross Match Play Grid

NET – 2021 Net Match Play Grid

The higher handicap player is to initiate contact.  The match winner must email the results to Tom Long

Gross matches should be played at the BLUE TEES on both courses.

Net matches should be played at the WHITE TEES on both courses.

Match Play FAQ – Match Play 2021 – FAQ

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