Membership Applications

Membership Application for the Tanglewood Golf Assocation (TGA)

Like last year, you have two options for signing up and paying your 2022 membership dues (please choose one or the other and not both).

Please note:  If you’re going to send a check to our Treasurer, please ONLY download and print the form, and send it together with the check — please do NOT fill out the online form, and then send the check in manually — it’s harder for us to keep track of your information in two places.

  1. You can download and print the the 2022 TGA Membership Application, and send it, along with a check to our Treasurer, Joe Brooks.
  2. You can fill out the on-line form below and pay (separately) via Venmo or Zelle up until 3/1/2022.

After 3/1, please use the printed form.

Membership Application for becoming a member of the Tanglewood Park Golf Courses and/or Driving Range

While not affiliated with (or necessary) to join the Men’s Association, Tanglewood park offers several different golf membership options that many of our Golf Association members choose to purchase as well.

If you would be interested in a Tanglewood Park Golf membership, please refer to the park’s golf membership page.

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