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TGA Handicap Committee
February 2008

An essential element of the USGA Handicap System is the requirement that each golf club or association issuing USGA Handicap Indexes appoint a Handicap Committee to ensure the integrity of all handicaps. This committee shall make certain that all members comply with the rules of the USGA Handicap System.

The USGA states, “a basic premise underlies the USGA Handicap System, namely that every player will try to make the best score he can at each hole in every round he plays, regardless of where the round is played, and that he will post every acceptable round for peer review.”

Please note the following with respect to posting scores and obtaining handicaps;

1. All scores must be made in accordance with the Rules of Golf. (Note: The USGA does not endorse “preferred lies” or “gimmees”, but it is still a postable round.)

2. All players shall post their adjusted gross scores by entering them into the Golfnet computer located near the entrance to the men’s and women’s locker rooms or via the internet. Posting scores in person immediately following the round at the course where the round is played is the preferred way to expose scores to peer review. This method of posting must be used whenever possible. If that is not possible, post your score as soon as practical prior to the next revision so that your scoring record is up-to-date.

3. Scores to post – If 13 or more holes are played, the player must post an 18-hole score. If 7 to 12 holes are played, the player must post a nine-hole score. Scores made on all courses with a USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating. Scores made in all forms of competitions – TGA/CGA/other tournaments, League play, Regular everyday play, etc.

4. There is no inactive season at Tanglewood. Therefore, all scores must be posted regardless of the time of year.

5. Handicap indexes are revised twice per month.

6. If the tournament round is designated as postable, you must post your adjusted score as a tournament round. All tournament rounds shall be posted within 7 days of the event.

For more detailed information on this topic see USGA Handicap System Section 5-1.
To better understand the Handicap System – please review the articles posted on the TGA bulletin board.

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The Handicap Committee meets throughout the year to review scoring records (including tournament scores) and to resolve any compliance issues.

Handicap adjustment powers of the Handicap Committee

8-4. Penalty Scores, Handicap Index Adjustment, and Withdrawal

a a. General

A player must earn a Handicap Index. No player has an inherent right to a Handicap Index without providing full evidence of ability to the golf club’s Handicap Committee. A Handicap Index must normally be changed only as warranted by the USGA Handicap System. Only the Handicap Committee where a player maintains a handicap can adjust that player’s Handicap Index. There must be no automatic increases at the beginning of a playing season or year. A Handicap Index is continuous from one playing season or year to the next. (See Decision 8-4a/1 and Section 6-1.)

b b. Penalty Scores

If a player fails to post an acceptable score as soon as practicable after completion of the round, the Handicap Committee should post the score and/or a penalty score and Ratings equal to the lowest Handicap Differential in the player’s scoring record.

c c. Handicap Index Adjustment by Handicap Committee

The Handicap Committee has the responsibility of making certain that each player has a Handicap Index reflecting potential ability. Under the following circumstances, it will be necessary for the Handicap Committee to adjust the player’s Handicap Index. Before an adjustment becomes effective, the Handicap Committee must give the player an opportunity to explain the circumstances surrounding the proposed adjustment, either in writing or by appearing before the committee. When an adjustment does become effective, it should be identified with the letter M, reflecting that the Handicap Committee has modified the Handicap Index (e.g. 4.9M).

1. Improving Faster Than The System Can React
2. Numerous Away or Internet Scores Change Index
3. Temporary Disability
4. Failure to Post
A Handicap Index must be adjusted up or down if the player does not turn in all acceptable scores or otherwise does not observe the spirit of the USGA Handicap System. The Handicap Committee must determine the amount of adjustment.
5. Player Manipulates Round
The Handicap Committee must adjust or withdraw the Handicap Index of a player who manipulates scores. (See Section 8-4e.) Examples of manipulating scores include the following:

o Posting erroneous scores;
o Stopping play after 6 holes to avoid posting scores;
o Repeatedly playing more than one ball to avoid posting scores;
o Not adjusting hole scores under Section 4;
o Deliberately reporting more or fewer strokes than actually scored;
o Deliberately taking extra strokes to inflate a score;

1. Continued violations of Section 5-1f.
The Handicap Committee is responsible for identifying and notifying a player who regularly violates any provision within Section 5-1f that such rounds are unacceptable for handicap purposes. If the player persists to violate clause(s) within Section 5-1f after being notified by the Handicap Committee, the Handicap Committee is authorized and encouraged to consider withdrawal of the player’s Handicap Index.

We look forward to making all of our competitions fair and equitable by knowing the USGA Handicap System, communicating the System to all players, and faithfully applying the system at our club.

It is the player’s responsibility to post all scores. The more scores a player has posted, the more accurate his handicap index should be. The more accurate the index, the more equitable our flights become. It will take all the members to police this issue. If you know of any violations let an officer or member of the handicap committee know so resolution can be made.

Thank you and play more golf,

Handicap Committee

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