2022 Senior Inter-Club versus Salem Glen

from Mark Robson, Senior Inter-club Captain

TGA Golfers,

Team Tanglewood won our second match of the year with a 49 to 31 win over Salem Glen and improved our record to 2-2-0. We have 2 away matches left (HPCC and Salem Glen) and need to win at least 1 of them to qualify for the playoffs for the sixth year in a row.

After spotting SG 51 strokes (minimum of 10 in every match), we knew we had a steep hill to climb and that it would take our very best effort to pull this one out. Team Tanglewood was up for the challenge. All the teams came out loose and ready to play, and we essentially wore SG out in 4 low scoring, closely contested matches. This was a big test for our team, and an outstanding outing that tees us up for a run to the playoffs.

Please congratulate our players when you see them and wish us luck in our next matches.

Tanglewood Players:
Greg Howard/Kent Shelton (64 to 68 win)
Patrick Hynes /Todd Brown (65 to 68 win)
Eddie James/Tom Birrittieri (72 to 74 win)
Rodie Marovich/Mark Robson (74 to 77 win)

Season record: 2-2-0

Remaining Schedule:
Tanglewood at High Point CC: July 14
Tanglewood at Salm Glen: July 21

Mark Robson
Team Captain
In it, to win it…

2022 5-Club Tournament

from Steve Livingston, 1st VP

Here’s the results of today’s 5 Club Tournament. The winners, and all winners to date, will be entered into the Tournament of Champions tournament in November. The winners of the Greenie drawings were David Orrell on #3 and John Holzwarth on #17. I’d like to thank everyone who helped out today to get the work done. Jim Williams, Greg Howard, Tommy B, Rick Connor and those are the ones I know of. I’m sure there were more and the help was appreciated.

We are on to TGA 2022 Tournament #6 on July 23rd on the Reynolds. We are playing the “Money Ball” format. The format description is on the Tournament tab on the Tanglewood36 website.

NOTE: There is a possibility that we will need to change this tournament to the “Individual Points” format from the team event. Covid is getting 2 to 3 people a tournament…it got me last Sunday and hit another this past Wednesday. It’s easier to plan and play an individual tournament than to scramble to try and keep teams together. We will stay with the schedule as published for now.

For complete results on the 5-Club tournament, click here.

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